What I Bought My Family For Christmas

Gift guide season is in full swing (I've got one for Etsy gifts under ten pounds, if you fancy) but where I really like to get my ideas is asking my friends what they've actually bought their loved ones for Christmas, so here we are: my realistic gift guide.

I was going to preface this post with something like 'I know I haven't got them much' but absolutely eff that. If you can spend hundreds on each person then I'm genuinely happy for you, but it's not the done thing in our family and I'm sure we're not alone in that.

It definitely isn't wasted on me just how lucky I am to buy and receive presents, especially this year, which is why I will also be including charities in my gifting this year and making some donations.

a shot taken from above of presents wrapped in brown kraft paper, tied with white ribbons. Some have white spots and red ribbons. On the top present is a kraft tag with a white glitter christmas jumper stuck on it, with red stripes stuck on the sleeves and a red A on the chest.

AKA Mrs 'don't spend your money on me, I don't need anything'. She may not need anything, but she certainly deserves a treat, so when she went all heart eye emoji on a Radley handbag earlier in the year I bought it there and then and kept it tucked away.

She loves the Bramley Lavender and Petitgrain hand cream, so I've bought a big bottle of that to give with the bag.

Why do men say they need/want something then buy it themselves? Do they not know you're meant to deliberate for months? Anyway, I had to scrap my idea for Mountain Warehouse vouchers for his walking boots since he rocked up with a pair, and bought him their teal Idris fleece to add to his 20 deep collection instead.

Dads love a practical prezzy, so when I saw a belt press in Home Bargains of all places, I had to get him one! They're used for putting holes in belts and he lost his when we moved. I've also popped in a big bag of Toblerone pieces. 

After telling me the exact time that Colourpop were restocking their Yoda palette, and how much she loved each shade, the hintosaurus went and bought it herself, so it was back to the drawing board. She now has a LUSH lucky cat bubble bar, a cute cat pin from Paperchase, a bottle of Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose shower gel, skincare bits from The Botanical Lab, a plum and pear cordial from the farm shop, and a pair of opal, planet-shaped earrings from Etsy to open.

Side note: I am never buying from Molton Brown again. Their packaging is identical to Baylis & Harding which is literally a tenth of the price, and it didn't arrive in any kind of box, so I think it looks really naff for a supposedly luxury item.

Tom loves bears, so I rolled with this! He has a LUSH polar bear plunge bubble bar which is, you guessed it, a white polar bear with a minty scent. He loves painting Warhammer figures so I wanted to get something on the crafty theme and find a bear carving kit on Etsy, but the closest things I could find were Canadian so the delivery cost twice the price of the item.

Instead, I found an Ali Express type jewellery site selling a wooden bear shape with a set of diamond files so he can carve it however he likes, and I'll repackage it to look nicer.

Finally, I ordered 6 slabs of chocolate from a small local maker, The Chocolate Cafe. I've given 3 each to BIL and my boyfriend and boxed them up with a tealight, matches, wooden lolly sticks, marshmallows, and chocolate digestives to make s'mores kits.

a shot taken from above but angled to the right, of presents wrapped in brown kraft paper, tied with white ribbons. Some have white spots and red ribbons. On the top present is a kraft tag with a white glitter christmas jumper stuck on it, with red stripes stuck on the sleeves and a red A on the chest.

Alongside the s'mores kit above, I've got him a long sleeved burgundy polo shirt from Next, and if he likes it I'll get the forest green one for his birthday (always think ahead!). He has one of those Hotel Chocolat velvetisers so I bought a box of the chocolate orange sachets for it.

My pal Charlotte mentioned that she bought an LED light strip from Hey I'm Home to put behind her monitor to ease eye strain, and since he's practically glued to the computer, I bought him one of those. It connects to an app so you can change the colours, which I know he'll enjoy.

We discovered Schitt's Creek this year and absolutely loved it, so I couldn't resist getting us matching keyrings in the shape of Rosebud Motel key fobs from Etsy for a little giggle.

Nanty and Nuncle
Technically my aunty and uncle but they're practically my grandparents. I don't normally get presents for them but I felt like that needed to change, so I've just got them a little something. For him, a big bar of his favourite fruit and nut chocolate and some lottery tickets. He loves a flutter so please hope they're lucky!

For nanty I'm afraid I have had to give some money to a certain retailer that shares its name with a massive river. I was hoping to avoid them but Kindle credit was just the best gift for my favourite bookworm. She doesn't enjoy holding physical books but adores her Kindle, so she can choose some new titles on me.

There is nobody on this planet who loves their locks as much as our Erin. If so much as one hair isn't perfectly straight, well, you'd better steer clear of her. With that in mind, I've got her a salon size bottle of Tigi Bedhead intensive conditioner to try and balance the bleaching and heat damage, and I found a satin pillowcase in the garden centre, of all places.

She and her boyfriend turned 21 this year, and of course, could not mark the occasion properly. To help them belatedly celebrate in style, I bought them vouchers for a royal champagne afternoon tea at The Midland Hotel, Manchester.

There we are, all the things I actually bought for my family this year! What is the best present you've scored for your own nearest and dearest?



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