Shop Small: 10 Etsy Christmas Gifts Under £10

A low budget doesn't mean you have to turn to the high street- there are tonnes of Etsy gifts under £10 for you to treat your nearest and dearest this Christmas! 

So, whether you're shopping for Secret Santas under £10, or just need a stocking stuffer for your partner, I've compiled a list of my favourites, from jewellery and candles to DIY decorations. I'm hoping you will find fabulous gifts for your family and friends, and make lots of Etsy sellers do their happy dances.

Prices correct at time of writing, photos are the property of respective sellers. Affiliate links used.

An A5 colouring book showing a line illustration of ET from the scene when he is dressed in women's clothes and wig. Around the book are toy cars and crayons.

80s Film Poster Colouring Book
£8, Reconsidered Retro

Ideal for your sibling or sib-in law. I bought one for my sister and we loved flicking through and shouting "we watched that all the time!" and "do you remember that?!"

5 brightly coloured bath bombs

Jackie handmakes Dalgety Bee products in Scotland, giving a certain retailer a run for its money! Combine a pink grapefuit lip balm (£2), made with protective beeswax, with a peach and passionfruit bath bomb (£3), and rhubarb and custard shower jelly (£3.25) for a fruity pamper hamper totalling just £8.25. Ideal for: sisters, cousins, nieces, coworkers, and anyone who needs to chill out.

a box filled with natural straw coloured shreds. There are heart shaped wax melts on top in shades of white, pink, and peach, with some silver glitter in them

£7, ManchesterCandles

A box of 12 cute heart shaped melts in 6 different scents, this box is a great gift for the Mrs Hinch in your life who loves a fresh smelling home. Added bonus: this variety box allows them to find their favourite scent from the shop's range, so next time you can buy them a full size candle!

a wooden photo holder with the words 'ME & DAD' lasercut out of the wood. It is holding a photo of a boy on his father's shoulders.

£9.95, thatsnicethatuk

If this year has taught us anything, it's how treasured our loved ones are, and a sweet frame and photograph will never go amiss. This seller can also add the photo for you if you can't print, and offers the frame in different pairings.

three chocolate cupcakes in red cases, with chocolate icing and brightly coloured sprinkles and pearls topping them

Luxury Christmas Cupcake Kit
£9.99, PostnBake

If you have a budding baker in the family, or you prefer to steer clear of the plethora of plastic toys, a baking kit is a lovely idea for little ones and big kids alike. This one combines chocolate orange, buttercream, and rainbow sprinkles, but there are also classic boxes such as s'mores and yule log.

a brown scrapbook with 'the adventures of Jack and Lilly' in black on the front, with a plane flying over the globe. Around the book are a compass, passport, and gold clips

Couple's Travel Scrapbook
£8.95, TheCustomiseCompany

While travel has been off the cards this year, gifting this scrapbook reminds the lucky couple (or your partner!) that there are so many memories to enjoy, and more yet to come. Make it even more personal by using a cheap printing site to order a stack of photos ready to fill it.

With 10mls each of pure, high quality eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, tea tree, and ylang ylang essential oils, this set is the perfect introduction for somebody wanting to get into them, whether that's for diffusing around the home or making their own skincare products. 

tiny round white opals reflecting flecks of pink and orange, with gold bars over them to make them into small planets

White Fire Opal Planet Stud Earrings
£9.95+, MichelleLeeStudioGB

How adorable are these studs?! Simple and delicate enough to wear every day, but the planer design and sparkling colour reflections of the opals make them that little bit different. I've ordered some of these for my sister and wish I had pierced ears so we could match. Luckily there are matching necklaces, too!

box containing the fabric, stuffing, and thread needed to make a 3D pale blue gin bottle decoration. The finished item is stood up in the picture.

DIY Sew Your Own Gin Decoration Kit
£9.95, windsweptgirlie

If your Secret Santa loves crafting and gin, you really can't get better than this kit, with simple instructions and everything you need to make a teeny gin decoration, complete with cute 'drink me' tag! 

Wooden spoon laser engraved on the back with OLLIE small five pointed star BAKER

Personalised Star Baker Wooden Spoon
£6.50, FlolliePopDesigns

Perfect for cake queens and pastry princes, and anyone who dreams of being named Star Baker! Pair this with a nice cake mix and jar of sprinkles to bring it up to the £10 budget, or if you can go higher, the same seller offers a matching rolling pin. The best part of this gift is it encourages your recipient to share their delicious bakes with you.

There we have it, 10 Etsy Christmas gifts under £10, proving that you don't have to have the biggest budget to find personal, thoughtful gifts, and support small sellers. And, if you'd like to splash out a little more, there's a gift guide under £30 on



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