AD A Socially Distanced Trip To Blackpool Tower Dungeon

 Blackpool Tower Dungeon is the perfect way to celebrate this Halloween in safe but spooky style. With social distancing and masks enforced, you can enjoy every every bump, rattle, and scream knowing that that your family are safe... well, as safe as they can be in The Dungeon. 

Part of the Merlin group, tickets start at £14, or you can save when buying a bundle pass for Merlin's other attractions like SEA LIFE or Madame Tussaud's

On entry you have your photos taken with props against a green screen, and the magic of editing turns them into souvenirs you can buy at the end, then you head to individual waiting stations before being directed into a dark room, on the floor of which are markers with your team name. 

We were The Doomed, and we knew to follow this sticker system the whole way around to keep a safe distance from other victims, unless the creatures directed us to our seats. It was a really easy way to stick to the 2 metre rule without taking anything away from the overall experience. 

a black and white photo showing my hand holding up two Blackpool Tower Dungeon tickets in front of Blackpool Tower. I have edited red blood splatters on the tickets over the top.

All of the creatures wore masks that fit with their characters and they were still easy to hear, especially because you tour in small groups so there wasn't a lot of background noise. I imagine that this would be good if you are hard of hearing, but you might struggle if you usually lip read.

There was hand sanitiser at regular intervals and the creatures reminded us to use it without breaking character, for example, Judge Blackheart said "now cleanse yourselves of your sins with the sanitiser, you filthy lot". I really appreciated that safety and hygiene were included in the show but still in a fun way.

Apart from the slight changes to make sure that the plague is the only disease lurking in The Dungeon, the rest of the show is exactly what you would expect: lots of jumps, shrieks, and laughs. You are never in real danger, and the creatures won't touch you, but they have absolutely nailed the art of suspense and mind tricks to make you feel comfortably, well, uncomfortable. 

A photograph of a woman dressed in dark jester costume with black lipstick and eye makeup, standing on a box with her arms stretched wide, while a group of visitors watch her with their backs to the camera

The creatures will leave awkward pauses, staring at you until you have to giggle, or single you out to answer questions. Lights go down and creatures appear, and even the chairs themselves will have you on the edge of your seat, as you feel leeches crawling over you in the plague doctor's office, and the Captain poking at your ribs in the smuggler's cave. 

The newest creature to join the cast is Meg the witch. You've entered into her cottage, and now her spirit wants to reap revenge. When the room goes black, the pots and pans rattle wildly, and the windows fly open and closed. Meg moves around the room, leaving you wondering who she will choose as her next victim. I was shaking like a leaf for this bit, and I'm sure my fellow victims were more scared by my yelps than anything they saw down in The Dungeon! 

Finally, you think you will escape, but there is one last surprise in store: the Drop Dead Ride. Take your seat and feel the butterflies in your tummy as you are cranked up higher....higher....higher.... then dropped from a deadly height! Even as someone who hates rollercoasters, this is always a highlight of the visit. Once you get your breath back, it's impossible not to laugh.

With trick or treating on the backburner this year, the whole family can still have a safe and happy Halloween when you dare to visit Blackpool Tower Dungeon



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