Is Friction Free Shaving Worth It?

Offering a convenient, eco friendly alternative to disposable razors, subscription services like Friction Free Shaving are booming in popularity right now. They make a chore like shaving feel a bit more like pampering, thanks to their luxury engraved rose gold razors and cute packaging.

I already knew of the brand through the countless good reviews and gorgeous pictures I had seen from fellow bloggers, but when they offered half of their starter kit for NHS workers, I was sold, and headed straight to the site to sign up.

The website is easy to navigate and I soon had my starter kit ready to go. You are prompted to choose whether you choose most days, to receive refills every month, or a few times a week, to receive them bi-monthly. I'll be honest, my shaving routine is entirely weather dependent, but I opted for the latter.

Friction Free Shaving Starter Kit

The main pull of the starter kit is the gorgeous rose gold handle, which I had engraved with my name at no extra cost. It features a peach rubber grip underneath, and has a nice weight to it. I had heard that some metal handles are very heavy and cause lots of nicks while you get used to them, but I'm happy to say this wasn't the case with Friction Free Shaving.

Alongside the razor is a matching peach and pearl clam case, ideal for keeping your razor clean and safely tucked away while you travel. Or rather, it would be, if it secured closed with the razor blade inside it, which mine does not want to do.

Lastly in the starter kit is of course the set of 4 razor blades, which feature 6 diamond-coated blades, a Vitamin E strip, and a built in bikini trimmer. These blades are then sent out to you every month or two depending on your plan, and can be sent back and recycled. 

I also threw one of Friction Free Shaving's own natural deodorant tins in my cart so that arrived with my kit to save packaging, and they do offer other bits like scrubs and post shave balms, which are all cruelty free. 

Everything came packaged in cute, printed recycled cardboard with some pink shredded paper to protect it. It was all slimline to prevent waste and easily fit through the letterbox. The only plastic was the tray that housed the blades, which I hope will be traded for cardboard in the future.

Friction Free Shaving Review

The website, the packaging, and the rave reviews all had me hyped. I was ready to have the quickest shave of my life and feel my legs softer than silk. But I'm now 4 months in and honestly? I don't feel any difference from my usual cheapy plastic razors.

Obviously FFS offer a more planet-friendly experience and this was a massive selling point for me. My 5 for £1 BICs might be good for my wallet, but I'm aware that each one adds to landfill, while the FFS scheme is more green but far more expensive at £9 for 4 blades which you are advised to change weekly. £108 on sub par shaving per year does not sit right with my money saving plan.

Luckily you can adapt and pause your plan at any time, so moving forward I will probably pause it in Winter and keep a disposable on hand for the rare occasions my legs see light, and keep it going in Summer when I shave more regularly, to try and make my own middle ground.

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