Host Your Own Harry Potter Quiz Night

You know what lockdown needs? A little bit of magic. So, if you're enchanted by all things Hedwig, Hagrid, and Hogwarts, grab your quill and give my Harry Potter quiz a go.

Step 1: Set the scene
Okay, maybe showing the night sky through your living room ceiling like the roof of The Great Hall might be a stretch, but you could either hold your quiz in the conservatory, or deck the room with candles and fairy lights for that enchanting atmosphere.

I'd also recommend putting the soundtrack on for a bit of background music.

Step 2: Get in character
I'm not expecting anyone to have a full Minerva 'fit in their wardrobe (hey, I'm not judging) but this is your chance to get creative. Whack an orange scarf on your head and be a Weasley, put on an old pair of glasses and your palest foundation and hey presto, Moaning Myrtle. Award extra points to the teammate with the best costume!

Step 3: Brain food
You'll need some snacks, so pop a bag of Dumbledore's favourite sherbet lemons in your bag when you do your weekly shop, pour out some butterbeer (Horlicks!), or try your hand at these Ferrero Rocher Snitches or Mrs Weasley's fudge.

Step 4: Eyes on the prize
A winner's got to have a prize, right? Set a budget then have a gander at my Etsy Harry Potter finds and pick out your favourite from the pins, prints, and other goodies- losers have to buy it! Small shops will really appreciate the support right now, so it's a win win situation.

Step 5: Game on
Print out my parchments, get your friends and family on the video call, quiz away, then swap and mark from the answer sheet. I'm kind and give half points and extra points if the quizzer gets all the potential answers, but that's up to you. Finish your night with a Harry Potter movie marathon!



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