Five Money Saving Tips I Swear By

Sick of being skint? Bored of being broke? I've collected five pieces of my best financial advice to help you spend less and save more money. 

Money is a difficult subject. I get it. I get that people can often be insensitive and speak as though everyone has a money tree in their back garden. Before you read this post I want to make it clear that I'm in the very lucky position to live at home and pay a small rent from my part time salary, and I don't have dependants, or debt beyond my student loan.

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1. Write down everything you spend
How many times have you looked in your purse to see a few pennies blinking back, and thought 'I swear I had a tenner in here the other day'?

It's so easy for little purchases to add up. I write down every penny I spend (even my 37p change in the Tesco charity box) in my diary so I can see exactly where it's all gone and feel more in control.

From here you can reflect and adapt. Say you've spent £130 on ASOS this month, you might want to unfollow them on Instagram to...

2. Reduce temptation
Social media, email updates, billboards... advertising is everywhere and the brains behind it know how to give us exactly what we want. I had more texts from Domino's than my own dad at one point!

Beat them at their own game and unfollow their feeds, unsubscribe from emails, untap the app, and even browse in incognito if you don't want *that* top begging you to buy it every time you open your phone. 

3. Save first, spend later
If you have 100% of your wage, it is so much easier to justify purchases because they seem like smaller bites out of a large amount. If you save X amount first, those bites seem much larger, so you'll reconsider. 

If you have credit cards, debt, or bills, pay or put that money aside before spending, so you're not letting them grow, and therefore you'll save yourself more money in the long run.

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4. Choose alternatives
Saving money does not have to mean missing out, but you do want to make smarter choices. Do you really need to order takeaway 3 times this month, or could you batch cook and freeze a curry, and just order once? Do you need to stay in the £200 per night city centre hotel, or could you look further afield for a cheaper hotel and book a travel pass?

A lot of our choices can be influenced by planning ahead, so it's worth sitting down and thinking about what you have coming up. If you know you have a night out at the end of the month, you might add lunch supplies to your shopping list rather than buying it at work every day to save yourself those few extra pounds to enjoy on the night out.

5. Have a goal in mind
Ultimately, the biggest tip to help you save is to have something worth saving for, otherwise you may as well indulge every day. For me, this is a house, I have really big dreams of a large, beautiful, well furnished home, and I know I simply won't achieve that if I don't save all I can now.

I remind myself that an £80 clothing haul now could mean an ornate mirror or lovely rug for my hallway later, and the home is something that matters more to me, so it's easy to make that decision.

What are your best money saving tips?

a ten pound note inside a rose gold purse. In the background there is a glass piggy pank with pink flowers and pennies around it. the picture reads 'money saving tips I swear by what lyd did .com'



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