Shop Small: Crafty Kits For Bored Adults And Kids

Thanks to coronavirus, many of us are self isolating, schools are set to close, and small businesses are in need of support more than ever. With that in mind, I've compiled a guide to some of the best boredom-busting craft kits Etsy has to offer. 

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This uplifting design is quite intricate, meaning it will give you hours of screen-free entertainment. Once finished, you can sew the finished embroidery onto a cushion cover, bag, T-shirt, or keep it on the hoop. 

If the idea of of intricate designs is scary, but you still want to use this time to learn about embroidery, NogPepperMe's Beginner Embroidery Kit, starting at £11, is ideal for yourself or older children.

Little Shop Of Lathers
If you are showing symptoms of coronavirus, a soak with a homemade bath bomb may help you feel a little better. This kit contains all the base ingredients, strawberry and lime scents, colouring, moulds, and even an apron and gloves so you can make 8-10 bath bombs from your kitchen. 

You can also use the bath bombs as a science experiment if your little ones are at home. Drop one into cold water, one into hot, and time them to see whose dissolves faster.

Available in 6 fruity flavours, Nutleys kits are like HelloFresh, but for lip balm! They contain premeasured ingredients so there is no waste or faffing, and they are easy to make with children. Unlike cheap commercial kits, Nutley's include nourishing, all vegan ingredients in their kits, to make lip balm that you'll be happy for your family to use.

A food tech lesson in a box! Or just a much-needed treat for when you're on day twelve of self isolation, I won't judge. As long as you have eggs and butter, this seller's kits allows you your chocolate fix without risking a trip to the shops. Even the tray and greaseproof paper is provided! 

There are tonnes of indulgent flavours to choose from, all featuring popular chocolate bars. Think Malteser and white chocolate brownies and Mini Egg rocky road. Yum.

Once you've got the knack of knitting, it's easy to create a scarf while working your way through a new Netflix series. This kit gives you everything you need to get going, and I especially love that the stylish, muted colour schemes they offer mean that the result is a scarf that you'll be happy to gift or wear yourself.

Block Printing Bag Kits
From £14.90
I Do Handmade
Mother and daughter team Becky and Wendy make up these kits, with the star feature being the beautiful wooden blocks which are handcarved in Delhi and fairly traded. Use the stamps to decorate a drawstring bag, tote, or makeup bag, then you could further embellish with beading or stitching for something totally unique.

Once your masterpiece is finished, you'll have the blocks and paint left to create many more designs on items around your home, making this a great value, low waste kit.

From £4.50
Whack out this kit and you are guaranteed at least 8 minutes of peace! A great screen-free activity that will suit a wide age range, this kit could also be an ideal for using as a maths lesson- for example, if they want to put 2 of the green heart stickers on each card, how many cards will they need? How many more star stickers are there than unicorns?

We all loved growing cress on paper towels or in egg shells as kids, and this is a really fun way for your children to try it while they're bored indoors. Each day they'll be able to see it grow a little more, and they could take photos to put into a slideshow as a quick IT task. At the end, they'll be rewarded with cress that they can eat!

I hope my round up can help bring some fun to this scary time. Make sure to look after yourselves, and please support the small sellers who need it most if you can.



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