Shop Small: Handmade Halloween

Whether you love spookiness all year round, or you're just shying away from mass-produced plastic to decorate your home, Etsy has lots of items ideal for making your Halloween spooktacular. If you're after a more cosy vibe this season, you might like my Shop Small: Autumn On Etsy guide instead!

Prices correct at time of writing. Pictures are the property of respective artists. Affiliate links used throughout- shopping through these will not cost you more but I will receive a very small payment.

Spooky Snacking
£11 SoSweetOnline
£12 TeacupsAndTandems
from £2.75 RosieLeaTeaUK
from £10 EponineChocolate
Made with real pumpkin blended into caramel for a grown up treat.
from £7.90 TheCakeFairyCrafts
from £8 CreativeMumUK
£1.50 SoSweetOnline
£5 MapleMollys
£1.50 FaerytailsTreats
Even your hell hounds can join in the fun- do a trick, get a treat!

Mickey and Minnie Earrings
£5.95 BlueMangoBoutique
£19.55 UniquelyImprint
Hand stamped and made with 14 carat gold, this sweet necklace is a sophisticated nod to the season that can be worn all year round.
Spider/Cat Print Bow Headband
£7.99 CalicoByRachelLena
Silver Halloween Earrings
£3.20 PixieDustBeads
Witches' Brew Enamel Pin
£6.37 GlitterPunkJewellery
Spooky print Scrunchie
£3.00 EllieAndCharlieCats

Haunting Homeware
£2 ManchesterCandles
Tartan Wool Pumpkin Cushion
£35 ThistleSewNicely
A quality investment piece to decorate your bed or sofa year on year. This seller also has different colourways, bats, and haunted house designs available.
£5 Emma Inks
from £15 BakedBeanBaby
Skeletal hand Embroidery
£23 CrimsonPins
Happy Halloween Wreath
from £9 VictoriasStitches
Available in natural wood or orange colours, this sturdy wreath can be personalised with your name.

Petrifying Party Games  
£2.12 KMPrintableshop
£3.25 MissPartyPerfect
£15.95 SIWellness
Ideal to give as prizes, or fun treats for children who can't have the usual sweeties and chocolate
£3.50 Garlandsandgifts
These pieces look super cute scattered on a table but could also be made into a game- whoever collects the most in 30 seconds wins a prize!

Creepy Crafting
Rainy afternoons are the perfect excuse for the little ones (or you) to get creative. Pop Hocus Pocus on and have fun designing your own invitations, bunting, or decorations.

from £4.99 InfiniteCraftsDesign
ATinyMew £16.79
I couldn't resist adding this brush pack from talented tattoo artist, Tore. They're perfect for creating your own cake toppers, colouring sheets, or even printing onto temporary tattoo paper to complete your costume.
from £2.75 PrettyDieCuts
Embroider or bead these pumpkins for a garland that can be kept and reused for years to come.
£8.50 KnitKnotCrafts
£7.50 ColourSplashSupplies
£12 iheartbuttonsuk

How do you like to celebrate Halloween?



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