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A selection of bath salts, moisturisers, and shower gels arranged in a gold wire basket

Since I work on a very warm ward, I tend to come home sticky, sweaty, and ready for a cool shower with fruity products to freshen me up, and I Love Cosmetics fit the bill perfectly with their affordable range of cruelty free shower gels and scrubs, and bath salts and cremes.

Products were gifted in exchange for honest review.

I always opt for fruit scents to awaken my skin and senses, and the I Love Elderflower Fizz Body Wash (£6.50) does not disappoint. I was worried it would be a sickly floral, but the elderflower has cleverly been combined with apple for a crisp and refreshing scent.

If I'm feeling especially gross, I reach for the I Love... Raspberry and Blackberry Shower Smoothie (£3.99), which smells absolutely mouthwatering. For a full, fake tan routine scrub I still prefer my good old exfoliating gloves, but if you have sensitive skin or just like a gentle polish the tiny particles of walnut shell should float your boat.

an orange tube of I Love Mango and Papaya hand cream wrapped in a yellow ribbon

After my shower I like to take a minute to moisturise my body with the I Love English Rose Body Butter (£12), as I feel that little bit more body confident when my skin is smooth and radiant, and it has been keeping my eczema at bay nicely.

If you think you don't like rose scents, this rich butter will prove you wrong. Instead of a heavy, powdered rose, this is a fresh floral blended with pear, red berries, jasmine, and amber to produce a beautiful fragrance that lingers lightly on the skin while the shea butter base sinks in quickly and leaves skin feeling nourished.

I Love Cosmetics have blended shea butter with coconut oil in their exotic I Love Mango and Papaya hand lotion (£2.99), too, making it a deeply nourishing formula. It does take a while to sink in, so it's ideal for massaging into hands or feet before bed to wake up to silky smooth skin.

To further treat your feet this Summer, dissolve bath salts in hot water then letting it cool for a soothing soak. I have been trialling the Violet Dreams variety and found them perfect for pampering my poor feet after a day in sandals.

A hot pink bottle of I Love Raspberry and Blackberry body spray sat in a gold wire basket
A white elderflower candle, purple bag of violet bath salts, and white bottle of coconut bath creme in a gold basket

I Love Cosmetics are rightfully so proud of their scents, they've made it easy to layer them on to ensure the fragrance lasts on your skin by offering full product ranges of every scent. Start with a soak in the scented bath salts or bath creme, apply the Body Wash or Shower Smoothie, then finish with a spritz of body spray. 

Even your home can smell sweetly, with I Love Cosmetics candles and reed diffusers delivering a burst of your favourite fragrance for up to 40 hours. Alternatively you can pop some of the bath salts into small bags and hang them in your wardrobe or sock draw to waft the scent over your clothes.

From the fresh and floral to the gourmand Mango Cheesecake and Minty Choc Chip, it's hard to choose which fragrance to try! Luckily, I Love Cosmetics have a handy Find My Fragrance Tool, and plenty of offers on their site to help you stock up. 

What are your favourite Summer body products?



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