The Vegan Kind Chocolate Box

For Christmas (how was that 7 months ago?!) my boyfriend very kindly gifted me a chocolate selection box from The Vegan Kind, chock full of dairy free, honey free, gelatine free sweet treats to enjoy.

I hid the box from myself so it wouldn't get devoured in the festive frenzy, and I've slowly eaten and savoured the contents to share my thoughts on them properly. Willpower level: warrior.

an assortment of bags, boxes, and bars of vegan chocolate

Call me strange, but I don't actually like normal Smarties. If you do, you'll love these, because they're honestly almost the same! The chocolate and sugar shell had the classic taste and feel, and the only difference I could find was that these come in more muted colours.

There are hundreds in the bag, and I feel like these would be really good for dairy free or vegan kids' treats or lunchboxes, and they'd also be great for decorating cakes.

Amazing. Buy them now. I don't know how they make fudge without condensed cows' milk but by golly, they've done it! The filling is almost identical to Cadbury's fudge but with a toastier flavour coming in at the end, alongside the kick of sea salt to offset the sugar rush.

The chocolate coating around them was also lovely, it wasn't too dark and still melted well as I ate the fudge. Definitely a winning combination and one I will buy and recommend.

This was absolutely delightful, 10x better than a Cadbury Crunchie. The dark chocolate complemented the super sweet honeycomb, and the vanilla in it shone through. I recommend letting it sit out overnight so it gets all chewy and even more delicious. If you need a gift for a vegan friend, order two of these- one for them, one for you!

The tagline of 'not dusty, chalky, or chewy' initially put me off this bar a bit. That's the very least I expect from my treats, and should be a given, not what you advertise with, but then I read that the lady behind the brand- Mummy Meagz- had found that many vegan bars were exactly that, and she wanted to buck the trend.

The bar was very sweet, and the chocolate coating was surprisingly creamy. The marshmallows studding it were not chewy like non-vegan ones, but they were still delicious. The white chocolate chunks were generous but a bit sickly for me, and there were plenty of crunchy biscuit pieces in the mixture too.

Overall the bar was just too sweet for me, I would prefer a darker chocolate and stronger orange flavour, but it was almost identical to a non-vegan version which will be exactly what some people want.

a blue packet of sea salted dairy free fudgee bites

If you like praline, you'll love this. It tasted exactly like I was eating a Thornton's chocolate, and the quinoa added a nice crispy texture. Praline isn't my favourite, so I wouldn't buy this again, but I did still enjoy it as a sweet treat.

I expected these to be dry like cocoa Shreddies, but I was happily surprised to find that they are Shreddies coated in a generous layer of chocolate, which was dark but sweet and not too bitter. I didn't detect a caramel flavour, but there were little pieces of salt which complemented the coating.

I probably wouldn't buy these again because I prefer to either have a healthy snack or a treat, and these fell in between for me, but I did enjoy them.

It's peanut butter truffle time, peanut butter truffle time! At first I hated these, because the chocolate is darker than my soul. They did grow on me, and the depth of the chocolate meant that they were rich without being sickly, but I'd still choose a milky, sugary Reese's cup over them.

The Vegan Kind selection box has something for everyone, and it's a really easy, accessible way to find new vegan and dairy free chocolates, whether you're fully cruelty free, lactose intolerant, or just love trying new things. Just a few clicks and one payment and a whole box is picked for you and sent to your door.

Alongside the seasonal chocolate boxes, The Vegan Kind also offer vegan lifestyle and beauty boxes, and The Vegan Kind Supermarket, where you can stock up on new-found favourites.

What's your favourite vegan treat?



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