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The Dungeons are a group of educational, interactive shows set in well, you guessed it, dungeons around the world, bringing the darkest stories from history to life. Most of them are in big cities like London, Berlin, and Shanghai, but I'm very proud to say that here in Lancashire we have our very own Blackpool Tower Dungeon.

My tickets to The Dungeons were compensated in exchange for honest review.

Please be aware that there may be some spoilers in this post, so if you're brave enough to dive in to The Dungeons blind feel free to hop over to my other Blackpool recommendations, but if you'd like a heads up before you head in, carry on reading.
An actress in jester costume performing to a group of guests in The Dungeons
Property of The Blackpool Dungeons

The Dungeons
Immersed in dimly lit tunnels where strange sights and sounds wait around every corner, you can easily forget you're just minutes away from a massive Primark, and a few floors from The Blackpool Tower Ballroom!

Every room sets the scene perfectly, from the doctor's office where you'll feel your skin crawl with leeches, to the Captain's secret cove. Your adrenaline will surge as the lights go out and you wait in suspense to see if you'll make it into his smuggling crew. 

While nothing actually touches you or puts you in danger, The Dungeons are full of clever tricks to keep you on your toes and ramp up your heart rate. Lights will drop, creatures will jump, and somewhere through the tour you'll lose yourself in a smoky mirror maze.

The 'Creatures'
The creatures, as they are called by the tour guide, are the leaders who will show and tell their part of history. Meet the doctor, his assistant, and their leeches as they attempt to cure the plague, Judge Blackheart who will decide if you hang, and the torturer of Lancaster Castle who really does not like Yorkshire folk. 

Despite repeating their lines multiple times a day, the actors don't hold back on making their creature characters as horrible and intimidating as possible. Think awkward eye contact, sudden movements, and the creepiest of smiles to really put you on the edge.

At The Dungeons, you are part of the experience, so be prepared to answer their questions and do as they say- or else. This is what makes it so much fun, especially for your friends and family as they watch you squirm.
an actress dressed as a pirate pointing at a guest in The Dungeons
Property of The Blackpool Dungeons

The Ride
Congratulations, you've survived the tour! Commiserations, you've been found guilty of being part of the infamous Pendle witches, and must hang for your crimes. If you pass the safety checks you'll be ushered to your death by an executioner and strapped firmly into a row of seats. 

Your heart rate will rise with the seats as they're cranked higher and higher in a dark room, until a fiery Viking face speaks the last words you will hear, and your body suddenly drops back down to the floor with a rush of cold air. 

It's exhilarating, it's frightening, and it's absolutely hilarious- though perhaps not as much as the souvenir photos that are snapped halfway through your fall. 

The Red Lion
You might need a stiff drink after that shock, and luckily there is a licensed pub on site where the staff stay in character and can tell you the latest scandals and gossip of 1896. Stop by the souvenir gift shop, then raise a glass to making it out of The Dungeons alive.

I'd recommend a trip to The Blackpool Tower Dungeons to anyone, even big scaredy cats like me! The idea is that the fear adds to the fun, so you'll jump, shriek, and scream, but laugh a lot, too. There are one or two slightly cheeky jokes, but aside from that it's great for couples, friend, and even families, with a recommended age of 8 for younger visits. 

Do you dare to enter The Dungeons?



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