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My tickets to Madame Tussauds Blackpool were provided in exchange for honest review.

me stood with waxwork figures of Prince William in a suit, Kate Middleton in a shimmering pink maxi dress, and The Queen in a lime green suit

It's no secret that we get more than our fair share of rain in the North West, so indoor attractions are always appreciated, and Madam Tussauds Blackpool is one that truly does offer something for all the family.

At £18 for adult tickets, Madame Tussauds isn't the cheapest attraction, but there are lots of deals around to lower the price. If you park on Blackpool Central car park, check the back for money off, or book online for reduced entry and discount bundles on other Merlin venues, like Sea Life Blackpool.

Another tip for booking is to opt for a weekday if you can to allow plenty of time and space to really make the most of your visit and take plenty of pictures.

Whether you want to rock out with iconic musicians, marvel at the superheroes, admire the athletes, or go behind the scenes with TV, comedy, and movie stars, Madame Tussauds offers areas for everyone, and there were actually more models than I had anticipated.

Some of my favourites included boxer Nicola Adams, Alan Carr, and Groot, but I found that even the people I wouldn't ordinarily be drawn to were made interesting by the facts or interaction around them, like lockers in the football room that showed the players' lucky charms, and a screen playing a film on astrology in Professor Brian Cox's room.

It was great to see a section on how the models are made, too, starting life as a wire frame and being built right up into a realistic person. Each wrinkle in the lips is handpainted, every individual hair placed on their heads. The wax figures are even treated to a regular refresh and hair wash to keep those details perfect.

Me stood next to a waxwork of Freddie Mercury wearing his white trousers and yellow jacket

This was my favourite part of all, as I think fellow visitors guessed when they heard me shout "Freddie!" upon spotting my idol, Mr Mercury. He shares a stage with Shirley Bassey and MJ, while Britney Spears and Tom Jones hang out with Sid Vicious on the other side of the room and The Beatles strolled across a recreation of Abbey Road.

After striking a few poses with my beloved, I hopped into the sound booths where you can pop on some soundproof headphones, select your favourite track from the era of that booth, and- if you're bold enough- have a boogie.

Being so close to Manchester, where Coronation Street is filmed, it's only fitting that Madame Tussauds has its very own recreation of the street's much loved pub. It's actually licenced and has its own bar staff too, so you can have a beer with Deirdre Barlow using special MT tokens!

Little ones and big kids at heart will love meeting the Marvel superheroes! Start your journey by registering your handprint in, then you're ready to join the team.

Take your chance to get close to Thor,
flex your muscles as you lift a taxi with The Hulk or take flight with Iron Man, who cleverly has a screen behind him showing moving footage, so it looks like you are lifting off together.

rows of Marvel comic books in a glass case

When I visited Madame Tussauds London a few years ago, the only interaction I remember is actors jumping out and spooking me, so I expected the same from Blackpool, but I'm very pleased to say that there was no fright, just fun in all areas of the attraction.

Instead of just looking at the models, visitors are invited to get more physically involved, from hopping on Elliot's bike with ET, to scoring goals in the football room, to ducking and diving in the laser maze. I surprised my family and myself by coming top of the leaderboard- 414 is the score to beat!

I was really pleased to see that disabled guests can fully enjoy Madame Tussauds, with lifts for access and plenty of room to navigate wheelchairs and powerchairs around. In the music exhibit where Olly Murs is onstage, there is even a ramp around the back so visitors can sit right beside him.

It was also nice to note that the mirror maze had a bypass so that children or sensory impaired guests could choose a calmer route if the mirrors would be stressful for them.

a waxwork head of the comedian Alan Carr, half bare and half painted

As you explore the exhibits there are paid photo opportunities that use props and/or the magic of green screen to create souvenir pictures of your visit- for example, you can try on Tom Baker's classic stripy Doctor Who scarf and see yourself with Sonic Screwdriver in hand.

For more mementos, the gift shop has everything you could imagine, and you can even make your own wax hand as the perfect reminder of your day.

Madame Tussauds Blackpool exceeded my expectations. We were there for a good hour and a half and both myself and my parents really enjoyed our visit, proving that it suits almost all ages. I probably wouldn't advise it for very young children who wouldn't really 'get' it or could find the models alarming, but primary school children and up will have a blast meeting their favourite superheroes and spotting celebs.

There are so many touches that help to bring it to life (in the least creepy way possible!) and more than once I did find myself expecting a wax figure to move or wink due to the level of skill and detail that goes into every face. Come rain or shine. I'd definitely recommend visiting them for yourself.

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