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I'm just going to come out and say it: I don't love Harry Potter. However, I know I am very much in the minority there, with both the books and films being adored by billions, including plenty of Etsy sellers, and they are the reason I'm writing this post.

I just love that fans can buy items made by people equally as passionate, who truly care about the characters and story, rather than big businesses who will stick a Deathly Hallows symbol on anything to double the price tag. With that being said, let the magic begin!

Prices correct at time of writing. Photographs belong to respective sellers. Affiliate links used throughout.

Mandrake from £3.81
Wizard School £7.58
Okay, okay, I know I said I didn't like Harry Potter, but even I think this is adorable
Skele-Grow £6.69

Potions Class Dome Necklace £12.50
Available for each of the four houses, the charms on these bracelets are really well thought out.
Snap up this set of 3 if you love wearing silver, or see the seller's other listings to find your perfect pair. Personally I love the rose gold star set!

Clothing and Accessories
Harry Potter clothing isn't just Primark pyjamas, Etsy has lots of designs that incorporate your favourite series into beautiful garments you'll be glad to wear.
Can we just?! The black and white colourway of this skirt makes it so easy to wear, it would be lovely with a red top tucked in for a pop of colour. The seller actually designed the print and has other skirts and dresses available.

Hufflepuff Sticker Set £4

Katie Abey
I couldn't resist giving Katie her own section, as she has so many fab, funny items in her shop. If you love Potter and you love puns, you'll be like a kid in Honeydukes!
Dumblebee Pin £6.50

Herbology £9.52
Ideal if you're a Kindle kinda person, this way you can still have the books on display

Harry-fy your home with subtle touches like Buttered Beer candles, or go all out with wall decals.
Such a cool, unusual item that will be a talking point with any guest. I love that the tape has been upcycled instead of ended up in landfill.
Book Lover Candles 2 for £11
Will you choose Wizards Feast, Mrs Weasley's Cookies, Buttered Beer, or Wand Shop to scent your home?

See what I mean about Etsy offering really special pieces from other Potter fans? This custom portrait is a perfect example, and will make a gorgeous, thoughtful wedding gift for the happy couple.

Start them young with the adorable Harry Potter baby gifts on Etsy!
If the Golden Snitch on the hat doesn't melt you, I don't know what to say. This set is so well made, perfect for cute newborn photoshoots, and can be modelled by a teddy bear for baby to keep when they outgrow it.
Crocheted Dobby Doll from £23.12

Which item is your favourite?



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