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My family will tell you that I'm something of a Haribo fiend, hoovering up every new release I can find, and harbouring a not-so-secret love for Tangfastics, so when I learned that the Haribo vegetarian line was growing and I could enjoy my fruity sweet treats with a clear conscience, I almost jumped for joy!

The items in this post were sent to me for honest review.

a mixture of Haribo vegetarian sweets in a small glass jar with a green ribbon around it, and pink shredded paper around it. To the left of the jar is a pack of strawberry sweets, rainbow strips on the right, and jelly beans in front.
a close up shot of a glass jar filled with strawberry spaghetti, jelly beans, and strawberry shaped sweets

In the range we have Spaghetti Zing, Rainbow Strips, Jelly Beans, Funny Mix, Giant Strawbs, and Giant Strawbs Gone Mini that are in treat size bags, perfect for your little ones. All of the line is gelatine-free so suitable for vegetarian and Halal diets alike, but be aware that most contain beeswax so are not vegan friendly.

All the packets are labelled as vegetarian to make them easy to grab when you're shopping, and in the case of the non-vegan ones, the beeswax is clear in the ingredients rather than being listed as an E number. The Haribo Rainbow Strips and Spaghetti are vegan friendly.

bags of strawberry sweets and jelly beans sat in a small pink metal bucket, with a yellow bag of rainbow strip sweets beside it

While we're discussing ingredients, let me tell you that the Funny Mix has been revamped to include real fruit juice, and it shows. The mix is made of ice cream cones, strawberries, and my favourite, the cola bottles. They have such a vibrant, tangy flavour that's just like drinking a Coke with plenty of lemon.

My second favourite was the Haribo Spaghetti Zing. I'm a sucker for sour sweets, and both the coating and spaghetti itself were tart. I could happily eat a whole bowl of this! 

I also really enjoyed the jellybeans, which had peach, marshmallow, raspberry, blackcurrant, popcorn, and candyfloss flavours under a sweet sugar shell. I couldn't tell a huge difference between flavours, with them all tasting like raspberry ripple ice cream to me, but the texture was spot on. 

Unfortunately the texture for the Strawbs and Funny Mix wasn't great. While Candy Kittens have managed to recreate the classic chewy texture of gelatine sweets, the Haribo vegetarian range is much softer and tends to get stuck in the teeth, which is the only downside to these treats for me. 

Haribo gelatine-free sweets can be found in supermarkets now. Which pack will you pick?



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