What's Up: National Trust Erddig

My What's Up series is widening its horizons! This time we're stepping out of England and putting the spotlight on Erddig, a National Trust house in Wrexham, North Wales.

My first visit was on a Spring day and I was blown away by the beauty of the place. We arrived at opening time when it was quieter and we had plenty of time to explore the lovely handmade brick outbuildings which house the old blacksmith's workshop, timber yard, and penny farthings and carriages. The stables even still house donkeys which you may be lucky enough to see and stroke!

I'm wearing a pink jumper and jeans and standing on the stone steps of Erddig Hall, a red handmade brick country house with lots of windows

Erddig Hall
Stepping into Erddig, I immediately felt a difference to most National Trust houses. While it is still large, grand, and full of the history, artwork, and furniture I've come to expect from such estates, there was still a homely, comfortable atmosphere. It felt like a happy home.

Although some rooms have their curtains drawn to protect the fabrics from fading in sunlight, others are bathed in natural light, and even the servants' corridor, lined with photos and handwritten stories of them, has views out over the fields. 

There are still children's toys in the rooms, the chapel ceiling is painted with a prayer asking God to protect all who set foot on the estate, and the volunteers told us that the family of the house was vegetarian, which was very different for the time.

a large rectangular pond lined with trees and hedges, with a large, red brick country house at the far end. The picture is taken on a sunny day, the grass is green and the sky is clear and blue.

Erddig Gardens
I don't think there are words to describe the beauty of Erddig's gardens, but I'll certainly give it a try! The back of the house has steps leading into a walkway flanked with beds of yellow and purple flowers, and in front of that lies a huge, rectangular pond, with a walkway around it full of mint, apple trees snaking up the walls, and cherry trees in bloom. 

The pond itself is home to geese, which were nesting on the banks, and friendly carp, which popped up to the surface hoping for snacks as we passed, while the walkway leads off into yet more areas to explore. A forest school for little ones to go wild, a picnic area, beehives, Victorian glasshouses, and a walled garden full of flowers.

All around the garden there are seating areas that are perfect for taking time to reflect and enjoy the beautiful settings, and a trail for children to follow to get them engaged with the plants and trees around them.

a wicker basket of brown leaf shaped cards, and another filled with paper labels, on a wooden table

Eating at Erddig
One thing is for sure, you won't go hungry at Erddig! There are plenty of picnic benches in the front pond area, main courtyard, and beside the forest school, and their own ice cream parlour, tea room, and coffee shop offering everything from snacks to full, hot meals. 

On our visit they were all understandably very busy so we drove to nearby Llangollen, which is full of eateries, for lunch, and I couldn't write this post without recommending you pop into the Courtyard Cafe if you're in town. They served the most delicious freshly baked bread I've ever eaten!

After my visit, I can see Erddig becoming one of my favourite National Trust properties, and somewhere I'll visit in every season. The garden looks truly gorgeous in Spring, but I can imagine Erddig Hall is lovely at Christmas too. If you'd like to see more of my days out, make sure to follow me on Instagram, as I often post them in my stories.

What's your favourite National Trust property?



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