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Long time readers of the blog will know my battle with blemishes, and how I'm always looking for the answer to my acne scarring. While I know that laser treatment is ultimately the answer, there are things I can do at home to make my skin healthier and happier. My latest love is the Magnitone XOXO cleansing brush, which I was sent in exchange for honest review.

A mint green, rounded triangular device. One point has small raised lines, one has larger lines, and the other has lots of small silicone bristles.

The brush has been made to be totally user friendly. The silicone casing is fully waterproof, easy to clean, and doesn't hold moisture or bacteria like traditional nylon bristles. Both the shape and the silicone make it very easy to hold, even when wet, and the compact size makes it easy to travel with. Unlike similar devices, it's also rechargeable, with a 2 hour charge lasting one month.

There are 3 areas on the brush: bristles for oily skin, small lines for dry or sensitive, and wide lines for massage, so you can choose which works best for you or mix it up depending on your skin's behaviour. All the functions are powered by 8000 micro-sonic vibrations per minute, which can be sped up or slowed down at the click of a button on the device.

To use my Magnitone XOXO, I remove my makeup, apply my favourite Superdrug cleanser, then step in the shower and let the device slowly glide over my face, no need for scrubbing. In my problem areas I chose the bristles, the small lines everywhere else, then finish with a massage all over, focusing on the jawline for lymphatic drainage.

A photograph of me in my grey tiled bathroom wearing a mint dressing gown and white hair turban, holding the magnitone on my face

In all honestly I was a little doubtful before my first use that just a few lines of silicone could really make my face as smooth as an exfoliating scrub, but the sonic pulsations worked their magic and I stepped out of the shower with skin that felt soft, refreshed, yet not at all tight like some scrubs can leave it.

After a few weeks of using the Magnitone XOXO once every other day, I can safely say I'm converted. Using it has almost become a step in my self care routine because it's such a relaxing sensation, and even my family members have noticed the effect it has had on my skin. It's not as puffy, my scarring seems smoother and less angry, and I've found myself using less foundation and concealer.

The only flaw I can find with the design is that the chunky, rounded shape just can't reach the corners of my nose and the pores right beside it, which are trouble areas for me. It would be handy if the device tapered or the bristles continued over the side to make it that bit more precise. Aside from that, my complexion and I are happy bunnies!



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