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The Lilibeth of New York Brow Shaper was gifted to me in exchange for honest review. This post contains a non-affiliate discount code, I will not earn money from it, but you will receive 10% off your order.

Unwanted facial hair is one of my top first world problems. My eyebrows seem to grow inches overnight, I've inherited my dad's moustache along with his love of cheesy jokes, and don't get me started on the hairs on my chinny chin chin!

My tweezers are always close at hand to deal with rogue hairs, and I pluck and trim my bushy brows once a week, but in sunlight I have noticed pesky peach fuzz that would be far too time consuming and painful to pluck.

I decided that dermaplaning at home was the answer. I could not only remove these fine hairs, but dead skin, too, leaving my whole complexion smoother and better prepared to absorb products so they work more effectively.

a small baby pink folding blade sat on a pink book with white flowers next to it

There are unbranded face razors available online, but I worried that they may be too sharp or not sharp enough. You can't be too careful with your delicate facial skin, so I felt much happier putting my trust in the well known and well loved Lilibeth of New York Brow Shaper.

Available in a range of colours, the Lilibeth Brow Shaper is small and discreet, easily fitting in a makeup bag or handbag. The blade folds into the handle, meaning it won't hurt you or damage items in the makeup bag, and the blade is kept sharp and sanitary. It retails for £7.49, making it much cheaper than a trip to the salon, and you can use the code lydia10 at www.makeupboxldn for a further 10% off!

The instructions are simple: hold the blade at a slight angle and use light, short strokes on clean, dry skin. I would advise practising on the back of your hand first to get used to it. I expected a very smooth, sweeping motion like shaving my legs, but due to the serrations it does have more friction against the skin.

a closer look at the serrations on the blade of the brow shaper

Perhaps it was the serrations, my technique, or just the fact that my skin is drier than Summer in the Sahara, but after the first use my face did feel a little chapped and sensitive for an hour or so and was pink in some areas. I expected to wake up with soft, glowing skin, but it actually felt rougher than ever because I was no longer stroking the layer of fine fuzz.

In smaller areas however, the results were brilliant. Whereas it can take me 20 minutes to fully pluck my brows, they were cleaned up in under a minute with a few swishes of the shaper, and my skin felt fine afterwards.

Personally I'll be keeping the Lilibeth Brow Shaper in my bag for taming my brows and touching up spots I may miss when shaving (is it just me who steps outside in a skirt then notices a forest on her ankle?), but if you have normal to oily skin and want to give dermaplaning a go, you have nothing to lose but your peach fuzz!

How do you deal with unwanted hair?



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