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Whether it's because I'm wide awake worrying, dreaming up new designs for my Etsy shop, or just can't get comfortable, I'm not great at getting to sleep these days, so I've developed a set of sleep essentials I can rely on to help me catch those Zs.

This post contains items gifted in exchange for feature and honest review.

gifted in exchange for review
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These dreamy masks contain iron particles sandwiched between the plush layers that oxidise and heat up, providing a soothing sensation for tired eyes. Having that warmth, weight, and darkness over my eyes sent me off into a deep sleep, while the design of the mask allowed it to stay on comfortably so I wasn't disturbed. 

Alongside the iron, the masks also contain jasmine extract to add a touch of aromatherapy, but I personally couldn't pick it up- blame my allergies. However, I see this as a good thing, because I know they will work wonders when I get migraines, which make me sensitive to strong scents. The individually wrapped masks mean I can keep them handy in my bag, and the heat will relieve the sinus pressure perfectly.

Essential Oils
Speaking of aromatherapy, I like to reach for this double act on nights where I know I'll need a little extra help. Whether it's really plant power or just the routine of using them, I'm not sure, but I do enjoy including them in my routine. 

First I spritz my pillow and the top of my duvet with Feather & Down's Sweet Dreams pillow spray, which, unlike traditional headache-inducing lavender scents, combines real lavender and chamomile essential oils for a fresh, sweet scent. 

To add a further boost of bedtime relaxation, I apply the Tisserand Sweet Dreams roll on to my wrists, behind my ears, and soles of my feet- which tickles like mad. The idea is that my body will absorb some of the essential oils and work from the inside. 

Amazon Echo Dot*
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If all else fails, Alexa is beside my bed and ready to play rain, waves, or whatever restful soundtrack I require. These sorts of sleep sounds are free to listen to and play for hours, so you won't be nodding off only for it to fall silent. The device doesn't light up while music is playing either, so you won't be disturbed, and you can whisper your chosen track and volume, no need for finding the right buttons in the dark. 

What helps you get to sleep?



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