Girl Power: Handmade Heroines

A new year calls for a new shoutout series! We've had Friday Five, Sunday Shoutout, Shop Small, and 2019 is the year of Girl Power, where I'll choose a particular field and celebrate a few females who are smashing it. First up I'd like to put the spotlight on the gals who have turned doodled designs into perfect products, with their crafts being enjoyed by customers all over the world.

It's not easy setting up your own arty business, you have to be made of tough stuff to keep your head high when sales are low, to keep motivating yourself even when the voice of doubt tells you to throw the towel in. It occurred to me that the smallest, most random ideas can become huge successes if we believe and these women are the living proof. Self doubt is rife in creative fields, and it stops many of us really going for our goals, so it's empowering to look at other people who prove that we can do it. I love that these ladies not only have creative vision, flair, and skill, but have learned how to turn their passion into profit and handle the the boring business side, too. 

a hand writing in a bearface prints pink 'me myself and IVF' diary with a rose gold pen

Maybe I'm a bit biased because I've actually worked for Natalie, but getting to know her means I can vouch for how passionate she is about her products- I heard lots of swearing when things were not perfectly straight, neat, or, well, perfect! The BearFace brand and her signature 'Me, Myself, and IVF' journals came to life when she was going through IVF, a very trying and overwhelming process, and designed her first diary to make it more enjoyable and positive. BearFace has grown from there, with her range now including a rainbow of diaries, greetings cards, positivity pencils, and badges, all with the aim to bring a smile to the recipient.

A real life Willy Wonka, Holly saw a space on the market for sweet treats with a cocktail kick and went for it. Now her business is booming, and she has a full blown factory with her own Oompa Loompas producing an entire range, from prosecco-laced pops to humbugs with a hit of sloe gin. 2019 will make it 6 years since Holly first began tinkering in her kitchen, and it really is excellent to see her self taught recipes have developed into the success they are today. If you needed the push to try something new, let Holly's story be it.

Biscuit decorating is an art form in my eyes. I love watching videos of icing being flooded and teased into intricate designs, and few are more beautiful and unique than Honeywell's. Alongside the vision and skill to be able to bake these tasty works of art, I imagine you have to really nail your promotion and marketing to get them seen and bought, and Honeywell have absolutely mastered it. They have a gorgeous Instagram feed (@honeywellbiscuitco), their biscuits have featured on GBBO: An Extra Slice and at events for big brands like Viktor and Rolf, and the business has grown enough for the owner to part-homeschool her children.

Emily Coxhead
If anyone is a ray of sunshine and a champion of the phrase 'be the change you want to see', it's Emily. Fed up with so much misery in mainstream media, Emily decided to create The Happy Newspaper, which balances the bad and highlights the good. Alongside injecting a bit of joy through the newspaper subscription and social media accounts (@thehappynewspaper), this clever queen also designed a range of separate positive products which are stocked in John Lewis, Paperchase, and Boots!

These are just a few of the amazing females believing and achieving their dreams! I'd love to know who you look up to, too.



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