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I am a firm believer in including furry/feathered/fishy friends in the festivities, whether that's taking your dog to the Christmas markets or teaching your African Grey to whistle Mistletoe and Wine. Every year my cat, Monkey, gets a bag of turkey dreamies and a new toy, which she usually shuns in favour of chewing phone chargers and the rug. It's the thought that counts, hey?

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a blonde chihuahua wearing KatanddogUK white pyjamas with black sprinkles and mint trim
£20-£25, KatandDogUK

If you have a chilly Chinese crested or a shivering shih-tzu, here's your answer: sprinkle print dog pyjamas! They're available with a mint, pink, or red trim and all of them are absolutely adorable. Personally I wouldn't dress a dog up for fun but if they find clothes comforting or need that extra bit of warmth for Winter, you won't find any cuter than Kat's handmade designs, with her offering velvet outfits and sparkly Christmas bows alongside the sprinkle suit.

a beige, metal oval tin reading 'josie and blaze's treats' from myuniquefamily
£6.50, MyUniqueFamily

My clever kitty has learned to associate the sound of the Dreamies bag with treats, so we rattle it to get her running home. When I saw this tin I knew it would be even louder so she'll hear us wherever she has wandered to! It also looks pretty stylish, with its pastel vintage vibes, and you can add your pet's name in a choice of fonts.

an illustration of a bearded dragon with the text 'I will always tolerate you' above it, from pawprint illustration

£3.99 Pawprint Illustration

Strictly speaking, this isn't for your bearded dragon, but it will echo their sentiments towards their humans and make a nice decoration beside their vivarium! In fact, I'm sure they'd say "tanks very much". I'll see myself out...

brown, oaty bone shaped dog biscuits from thehairyhounds

£3.00, TheHairyHounds

You'll need something to stock that tin, and Etsy steps in again. Made from wholesome ingredients, these posh treats are kept fresh in a resealable bag for your pup to enjoy while you crack open the Quality Street! This seller also has sweet potato treats, and dehydrated liver, which I'm sure sounds delicious to anyone with four legs and a tail.

frometomew felt strawberries filled with catnip and stitched

£6.00, FromMeToMew

Etsy is the home of weird and wonderful cat toys. Catnip stuffed sushi? They've got it. Crocheted bloody eyeball? Of course. I went down the cute route and chose this pair of stuffed strawberries instead. I find that shop bought catnip toys can be lacking the good stuff whereas independent crafters and cat owners are more likely to give you a lot of bang for your buck, guaranteeing you a giggle on Christmas day when your cats go wild.

clear plastic bags of various flaked or powdered snail foods

£14.97, bugznbits

From cat sushi to snail selection boxes! Giant African Land Snails are more unusual but I'm sure Santa Claus wouldn't discriminate so neither will I. The owner of this shop looks like something of an expert so if you have a GALS or are considering one it's a great one to bookmark, and this set is a good all rounder to gift your mollusc mates.

a chain strung with twisted pieces of wood, sticks, and brightly coloured squares of paper

£7.85, ChirpingChins

Anyone who has kept rabbits and rodents knows that #TheStruggleIsReal when it comes to keeping their rapidly growing teeth cut down. This stimulating toy has apple and pear wood for them to nibble, which is a much better option than dyed, flavoured toys from the pet shop.
a navy blue collar with pale plue flower pattern and rose gold buckle

£10, SenseofPawfection

Blame the blogger in me, but when I saw a rose gold collar I just couldn't resist including it. After all, we like to buy party clothes and jewellery at this time of year, so perhaps our pets should join in, and this seller has a whole range of beautiful collars for them. They're available in a range of sizes to suit most dogs but could possibly work for other animals, too.

There we are, another shop small round up complete! If you liked this one you might enjoy my Animal Lovers edition. If you have a Shop Small topic in mind please do let me know, I love shining the spotlight on indie businesses and showing you lovely lot what they've got. 



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