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 Prepare yourselves gang, there's going to be a lot of 'so cute' and 'totally adorable' in this edition of my Shop Small series because, well, aren't baby clothes just so cute and adorable?! I'm not even a maternal person but tiny socks and shoes get me every time. Whether you're expecting yourself (congrats!) or shopping for upcoming baby showers and birthday parties, I hope I can help you find the perfect gift for the little one in your life.

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£12.95, SmallStitchesBySarah
Available in newborn up to 18 months, these shoes are just adorable and the mustard arrow pattern is that bit different from pastels or greys. It was so hard to choose just one thing from Sarah's shop as it's all so gorgeous- she makes hanging pennants, initial T-shirts, badges, and even baby bow ties all in the cutest fabrics she can find.

£17.50, SarahJaneSeamstress
I had to include this one for the simple reason that I imagined parents taking a picture of their baby wearing this and sitting in a plantpot and nearly cried. Yes, £17.50 is kind of extortionate for something almost guaranteed to be stained with various bodily fluids, but it's worth it for the plant pot pic alone, or you can purchase just the hat for £6.50.

£8.50, LoveMimiX
Personalised pieces are always a good way to celebrate a new little life, and this print is both pretty and detailed, featuring baby's birth weight, hometown, star sign, the number one song on their birthday, and more, making it something for the parents to enjoy immediately and the baby to treasure when they're older. You just add in a few details and choose the colours, and the seller researches everything and turns it into a work of art.

£14.50, Little Grasshopper
The perfect piece for your little cub's nursery if you're choosing a neutral or woodland theme! I chose this one in particular because it doesn't have small parts so babies and toddlers can play with the pieces and stack them, letting it double as an educational toy, and the colours and style are timeless enough to keep into their bedroom well into childhood.

If foxes aren't your fave, Little Grasshopper also stocks dinosaurs, bunnies with floral collars, and personalised initials.

£20, HannahJacobsDesigns
Sticking with a woodland theme (get it- stick, wood?) this rabbit blanket looks so snuggly, I want one myself. I'm sure you can never have too many blankets for a baby, and they make lovely gifts because they often become comfort objects. Don't tell her I said this, but my 29 year old sister actually still has Quilty, the blanket she received as a baby!

This is a neutral design fit for any home or nursery, but Hannah has hundreds of patterns in her shop, from dinosaurs to flamingos. Because she makes and sells so many blankets I really trust this to be well made and last a long time, too.

£20, SparksAndDaughters
I don't need to be a mum to know that taking perfect pictures of your sprog on one of these milestone mats is harder than singing Nessun Dorma backwards, but I still think they're a nice idea and a good keepsake. This one is simple and pretty, with your child's name being incorporated into the design. I particularly like that it includes days, weeks, months and years, giving you more value and flexibility. You could do 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year, then put them into a collage frame, for example.

£14, FoxInTheAttic
When I searched for rattles there were lots of beautiful ornate wood or metal ones, but imagine a baby accidentally clonking themselves on the head with engraved steel? No thankyou. These ones are much softer but still give the rattly sound. This seller has loads of lovely designs, but the food ones are my favourite and will definitely make for some brilliant pictures of your bab chomping away. Luckily, they can be spot cleaned or cold hand washed so they don't stay spitty.

£10.99, Bespokemadebylaura
First of all, I love that Laura offers this set in a sugar skull and superhero prints alongside more classic animals and pastels, which I'm sure will be appreciated by parents with an alternative style. Not only does the bunny effect of the teething ring look sweet, it provides 3 textures to gnaw on- the wood, the knot, and the soft, loose ears, while the bib obviously comes in handy to dry those chubby cheeks and keep them safe from chapping.

There you have it, 8 gift ideas for new additions! If you know of any more presents that babies or new parents would love please let me know in the comments, and catch up on my pet gift guide if you want even more cuteness. 



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