November Favourites

Every month I find it harder and harder to write favourites, because I don't buy new products, but November has been even trickier because I've been saving up for Christmas presents, so I've been digging through my collection to uncover old gems. I have been struggling to sleep lately so there is a definite theme here, they're all products I can rely on to make me look a little brighter, fresher, and perked up!

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When I was 17 I would apply 4 layers of this multiple times a week, and only stopped when a boy told me my face matched my hair. Harsh but true. These days I am much more restrained, but I do like to have a bottle on hand to perk me up or smooth out my legs on the extremely rare occasions they see daylight. 

I like to buy the mousse formula in the medium shape and slap it on exfoliated skin once my moisturiser has properly sunk in. It has a turquoise base to it so it comes out nice and olive, not too orange on the skin, and I simply wash off the patchy top layer in the morning.

I was a bit hesitant to add this to my favourites because it isn't cruelty free, so I won't buy more once it's finished but I am really enjoying using it up. The formula is thinner than most concealers yet packs a lot of pigment, so it blends out easily and makes a big difference. I chose the shade Nude which is actually quite orange but that works well for under my eyes, where I have obvious darkness and blue veins. 

If I cast my mind back I'm sure these were one of the first liquid lipsticks to hit the market, and revisiting this bright pink confirmed that they're still one of the best. The colour is super saturated and the formula isn't too drying. I'd say it dries 95% so there is a tiny risk of smudging or transferring, but I'd take that over crusty cat bum lips any day. 

Gosh, what a mouthful! At this time of year my skin basically resembles a pie crust, I even have a moustache made entirely of flaky skin (mmm) so I slap on oils like nobody's business and this is a great one because it soaks in quickly but still feels like it's plumping and protecting, and it hasn't broken me out- touch wood. I'm not sure I'd repurchase because it costs a pretty penny, but if oils are your thing I can recommend.

What beauty gems do you trust to perk you up?



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