October Favourites

This was the first big palette I owned when I first got into beauty, and now that I've rediscovered it I see why it was the perfect starter palette. It has a few neutral mattes, highlight shades, and an absolute rainbow of shimmers. Burgundy, copper, gold, green, blue, purple, and even a sparkly black all feature alongside plenty of shimmery browns, making this a really versatile choice. Some of the darker sparkly shades aren't amazing, but for the most part the formulas are fantastic, too.

W7 Get Set Base
I dug out this little gem to work in harmony with the palette, and now I want to stockpile it. It's tinted an orange/beige, so I apply this all over the lid but also pull it into the inner corner to create a concealed, uniform canvas. It's not too damp or too dry, so eyeshadow blends really well over it and it does help to prolong the wear.

I've had this lipstick for years and rarely wore it because I found it looked very dry and often dried down darker, but something drew me to it this month and I'm glad it did! With a good layer of balm underneath it wears much better and lasts well throughout the day. If we want to get technical, I'd say it's 60% peach, 25% brown, and 15% pink, making it a great shade for Autumn.

Linda McCartney Cocktail Sausages
I tried the much-loved red onion and rosemary sausages a few years ago and said they tasted like the inside of an old sofa, but these totally changed my mind. They're really tasty, and while they're not quite as moist as a pork sausage, that's probably because they're lower in fat. I had them with sweet potato mash, onion gravy, and veg, and it was a solid 10/10 tea.

Bohemian Rhapsody
This film was so worth the months of waiting. I watched every teaser on YouTube but still didn't know quite what to expect in terms of how much story would be revealed. Without giving spoilers, the film does put more emphasis on Freddie, following his journey from finding Brian and May up to his AIDS diagnosis, and the highs and lows in between. 

The attention to detail was evident and I was so impressed with the casting. I forgot I was watching a film and believed it was a documentary due to each actor nailing the walk, mannerisms, and performances of Queen. My favourite part was the Live Aid concert where I felt like I was really at the concert, and the screens either side of the stage played original Freddie footage as a touching nod to him.

Great British Bake Off
I swore I'd boycott it when it moved to Channel 4 and lsot my beloved Mary Berry, but I'm sorry Maz, the tent just brings a bit of (Kim) Joy to the darker, colder evenings, and I've loved screaming at Rahul through my screen.

I actually haven't loved any of the bakers, there are certainly no Selasis or Vals, but as I write this I'm hoping Kim Joy will win because she brings something different to the table with her animal-adorned creations.

If you're interested in singing, Sam's channel is addictive! He creates videos giving basic vocal lessons looking at what warm ups to use and why, and the role of breathing in singing, but also analyses performances from huge singers and explains the technical process of their music. Perhaps that sounds boring on paper, but it's a great way to pick up information to improve your own voice.

Who did you want to win Bake Off?



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