Creepy Crafting with My Greeting Box*

I first introduced you to My Greeting Box back in Summer, when they put together the sweetest fairy themed box. Now that we're in October they've taken a spooky turn and curated a special Halloween edition.

It was posted out on the 10th October and arrived shortly afterwards, giving me plenty of time to make my cards and give them out before the big day itself. The box was securely packaged and fit through my letterbox, but its small size certainly didn't reflect the contents. It was jam packed!

Just like before, the box is incredibly well thought out, with a clear theme running through it. Everything was orange, purple, green, and black- all the classic Halloween colours. There were even miniature orange sweets included as a treat for you to enjoy or give with the cards. To see my reaction to the goodies inside and a full description of them all, click over to my unboxing video.

A Halloween card featuring orange and green bubbles on black card, stamped with a mummy and Frankenstein's monster

The Unique Selling Point (guess who's been watching too much of The Apprentice) of My Greeting Box is the instructions that arrive with the supplies. There is a picture on the front to illustrate exactly how your finished product should look, and inside you'll find detailed steps complete with diagrams. This month we had the cute mini monster pictured, a cleverly layered card with its own door which swung open to reveal trick-or-treaters, and even pre-cut nets to fold up your own tiny treat boxes. I was especially pleased with this inclusion because it's not something I would have expected at all.

Each card requires you to use a few different skills, so it's an enjoyable way to learn or hone your skills. The thought behind each one is clear to see, and the interactive layers and levels not only make them fun to make, but fun to receive, and much more special than any you could find on the high street. 

A section of an instruction sheet with diagrams detailing how to make a monster greeting card

Although the steps are simple, there are quite a few of them, so you can expect to relax and enjoy making each one for 10-15 minutes. I found working through them and focusing on the task at hand was really calming and a great activity to do when I wanted some time away from screens. If you're a parent of a teen, this could be an excellent way to get them to follow suit, but you could also get younger children involved in the colouring and sticking elements to turn it into a family activity.

My Greeting Box are still running a 25% discount off your first box, so there's no better excuse to order it and spend the chilly November days crafting to your heart's content. 

Have you tried cardmaking before?
This box was sent to me in exchange for honest review.



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