September Favourites

Ah September, official mother of Autumn. First of all can I say that one of my favourites is the kids going back to school? I can go to Morrisons between 9am and 3pm without fearing that the little buggers will ask me to buy them cigarettes or laugh at my trainers, it's a whole new lease of life.

Other favourites this month are very musical. I've been clicking on music videos that YouTube suggests to me and I must say, it's unearthed some gems. The video for Still Feel by Half Alive is worth a watch in itself for the synchronised dancing, but the lyrics are actually a bit of a mental illness anthem, featuring lines like 'I've been invaded by the dark, trying to recognise myself when I feel I've been replaced... so pick me from the grave and pull me from the dark, 'cause I still feel alive'.

Another YouTube recommendation was Will Joseph Cook, which, it turns out, is his actual name and not a question. His indie/pop songs Girls Like Me and Take Me Dancing have been played on repeat this month and I think you'll enjoy them if you're a fellow George Ezra fan.

Finally on DJ WLD's playlist, No Pressure by The Kooks. I love a lot of their classic songs like Naive and Shine On, and their newest releases are just as good. This is a really sweet one that just makes me think of Summer evenings and good times with pals.

Speaking of Summer evenings, a favourite memory I made this month was an impromptu date I cooked up while it was still warm enough to sit outside. We filled up my mini incinerator to get a fire going, then sat on the garden bench under a blanket and built perfect gooey s'mores with marshmallows and McVities Thins. I highly recommend trying this one before it gets too cold, but make sure to soak the wooden skewers you roast your marshmallows on! Half of boy's snapped off in the fire and I laughed like a drain.

Another seamless segue here, from marshmallows to chocolatey treats. The ALDI salted caramel cups (basically Rolos) are a gift from the confectionery gods. Dare I say it, they're even nicer than the originals, with both the chocolate and caramel tasting really rich and creamy. The only problem is that they're such a bargain price, I want to buy (and devour) 5 bags.

My final favourite is the KIKO cream eyeshadow stick in '37'. Does anyone else hate it when brands use numbers instead of names? I would call this Cranberry, for sure! In the bullet it is a beautiful deep pinky-reddy-purple shade, which actually put me off wearing it for a good year lest my eyes looked sore, but once it's buffed out it becomes a little more brown. I've just been pairing it with a bit of bronzer in the crease for an easy Autumn look, and I think it really flatters my brown eyes.

What songs or musicians have you been loving lately?



  1. Oh man I hear you with thje Aldi chocolate caramel cups! I buy a packet every time I'm in haha. My poor waistline.
    The eyeshadow sounds lovely :) I hate numbers too, give it a name.
    Cora |

  2. Ha, yes I also love the Aldi thing - they're almost TOO cheap for our own good!

    Love the bit about making S'mores - I love being outdoors. (and I love eating)

    Tracy xox


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