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Moving in to uni is such a whirlwind of emotions. Excitement, worry, sadness, freedom... whatever you're feeling, I think everybody sits on their new bed and has a good sob in those first five minutes of being alone in their student flat. I certainly did! Etsy is a treasure trove of touching gifts, where you can find organisation resources, course-specific mugs and keyrings, and personalised prezzies to help make halls feel more like home.

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Warner's End
Photos are always a good idea, and I thought that this frame was quite unusual. I don't go in for gender stereotypes but I reckon this is a pretty good choice if you want something sentimental for a son or nephew who would prefer something masculine, thanks to the grainy beechwood and sleek acrylic. You could write the family surname or a nice message in chalk pen to make it even more personal.

Mermaid Mary's
If you know a particularly nervous student, this bargain little bracelet will give them a much needed boost. They can wear it as a token of your love and support, and keep the card pinned to their door as a reminder that they've got this. It's a nice one to pop into hampers, too.

The illustrations on this planner are absolutely gorgeous, and could really add something beautiful to a less-than-lovely halls room. Having it up on the wall is a great way to see what assignments, society meetings, and student nights are coming up. If you like Angie's style, she also offers different designs and printable planners.
Leaving behind a beloved family pet is really tough, but this pillow acts like a little substitute. I chose this one for the line up because it's made with faux suede material to make it extra soft, perfectly for cuddling in those homesick moments. As it's 18"x18", this is quite a large gift and a great visual feature to add to a room to make it more cosy and really 'theirs'.

The Bespoke Works
A niche one, but a blooming beautiful gift for student midwives. Etsy had lots and lots of gifts for midwives actually! All courses are difficult, but midwifery is emotionally tough, too, and this board serves as a stylish reminder of their success. In the UK, students must deliver 40 babies to pass, and the board will give the midwife focus and show them getting closer to the goal. I think it's really lovely that every footprint (which comes in your choice of colour) is an actual human baby that was safely brought into the world thanks to that student.

What else would make a great student gift?



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