Shabby Chic Blog Prop Ideas

The shabby chic trend seemed to roll around when I was in my teens, and it doesn't look like it's leaving any time soon! While I wouldn't personally decorate a whole room in the style, I do like how it looks clean and cosy, and it translates really well to blog pictures. Soft pastel and neutral tones mixed with textures create a great balance between visual interest and letting the products shine. I've rounded up a collection of items under £10 to help you try it out. 

Contains affiliate links. All images belong to sellers. Prices correct at time of writing.

1. White Rattan Hearts £2.99
I have some of these in star shapes and they're great for adding height and texture, as well as brightening the overall picture. This set comes with 3 but you could buy a few packs and string them onto ribbon to make a garland for interior photos or filming backdrops.

2. Magnetic Chalkboard £9.89
A 2-in-1 blog product! You can write your ideas on this and use it in photos too. If you create food posts a really cute idea would be to prop this up with a shopping list written on it and a few ingredients placed around it. You could also write the titles of blog posts on it and hold it up in photos.

If you haven't got much storage for blog props, these are a great solution, as the pack contains 12 different designs which you can store and reuse. Try sticking one to a wall with masking tape and taking close up shots of beauty products in front of it. Brucey bonus- These ones are also made from sustainable paper.

4. Wire Fairy Lights £3.99
Wire lights are much more flexible than cable fairy lights, so you can wrap them around products or furniture. The bulbs are smaller, too, meaning you can get artistic effects. Try having them in the foreground or background of the picture while focusing on a product to get a blurred, bokeh effect from them.

5. Rose bouquet £1.89
This bouquet comes in several colourways and has 15 flower heads, so you could use them individually in flatlays or style the whole set in a vase in the background of photos or videos.

A simple thing with so many possibilities, another great choice for anyone with limited storage! Wrap some of this around empty jam jars for DIY vases or brush holders, glue strips to a board to create a flat background, or just wind it around products for photos.



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