Savvy Social Saved My Blog*

A little while ago anxiety began to affect my blog. All of a sudden the hobby I loved felt like it had slipped away from me and I felt so out of my depth. I doubted my talents, put pressure on myself, and felt like I just wasn't made to be a blogger any more. I joined some Facebook groups to help but often it made the problem worse as it reminded me that everyone else seemed to know more and do better.

Then Charlotte threw me a lifeline in the form of Savvy Social*, her new blog-boosting package designed to maximise the impact of your social media channels.

Worrying that they may be a one-size-fits-all solution, a bumper blog manual that would confuse me further, I hadn't looked into coaching packages before. I'm not a good learner, so I needed tailored answers in an easy format, plus some support along the way to make sure I was doing things right, and that's exactly what I got.

I filled in a simple questionnaire voicing these concerns, explaining that I felt lost when it came to improving and promoting my blog, and Charlotte listened to every one and sent back a package which addressed them in easy to read points. She struck the balance of simple-but-not-patronising perfectly, and I appreciated how all the language in the package is upbeat and constructive, there are no wrongs or negatives. Straight away this made me breathe a sigh of relief as I understood what was being said and I was reminded of what I was already doing well.

The package was easy to download and it reassured me to know that I could refer to it at any time, along with Pinterest resources Charlotte shared with me. I explained that this was the push I had needed to get me into Pinterest, which had baffled me before, and she was so helpful in sending over more guides and letting me know that she was always on hand to answer more questions.

Without giving away any of the trade secrets, I can say that my package covered a bit of everything. From effective hashtags to the best sites to make my own graphics, there were handy chunks of information on all aspects of blogging. It started with Charlotte's overview of my current plan then steps to take and things to try in all areas, including how I could use my Instagram stories to advertise my shop, and how to get the balance right between promo and personal tweets. Having 8 years of experience as both a reader and award-nominated writer herself, I really valued Charlotte's opinions and insight on this.

Once I had my guide I was raring to go, and found myself feeling more motivated to produce and share content I'm proud of. This time, instead of guessing, I had clearer ideas of when and where to post, and what to deliver to my audience, and the results speak for themselves. Before I started implementing Charlotte's advice I checked my stats for the last 4 weeks, and did the same after 28 days of Savvy Social. My Twitter followers went from 3,217 to 3,291, Instagram 641 to 682, blog users went from 159 to 393, and sessions 235 to 509. My views are small compared to some, but they have more than doubled in just a month! I didn't change my style or content, I just followed Charlotte's advice for getting it noticed. Now that I know how to boost each blog post to its full potential I feel like I am on an upwards trajectory.

My favourite thing about the programme is that it isn't a 4 week plan with a strict schedule and rules, it's a handbook tailored to you to give the tools, knowledge, and confidence to flourish on your own. I view this as just the start. Combined with the advice on Blog and Beyond, I feel equipped to take my blog further, and more importantly I am excited to do so.

*Charlotte coached me in exchange for review. All opinions are my own, and my stats speak for themselves!



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