Revolution Newtrals vs Neutrals

a palette containing pinks, reds, browns, and greys on the left, and photographs of pink eyeshadow and brown eyeshadow on a brown eye on the right

It occurred to me this year that I own far too much makeup, so I drastically cut down on how much I was buying. Gone are the weekly impulse buys, and in their place I'm making it my mission to work through what I already own. I decided that a good way to do that would be to challenge myself to use my eyeshadow palettes in new and different ways rather than sticking to the same colours and techniques, and maybe encourage you to make the most of your collection too.

First up is the Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals* palette, which I was very kindly given for Christmas by my friend and fellow blogger Kiah. I'm so glad she picked this out for me, as it's not something I would have thought to try. When I first open the palette my eyes register the darker, coolder shades and I'm scared off, but actually it contains a golden highlight, some pink, copper, and mauve foil-like shimmers, and some unusual shades like a coral and a raspberry. All the eyeshadows are vegan and cruelty free, and the palette has a double sided brush and full size mirror. 

close up of the Revolution Newtrals vs Neutrals palette with shade names added
left: brown smoky eye look on a brown eye. right: pink halo eye look on a brown eye

With the title as my inspiration, I created a neutral brown eye using the matte transition shades, which formed the base of both looks. I tried to keep the shape of this one pulled to the side for a more sultry look, hence why my eyes look completely different shapes!

Let's be real, the pink shadows are the star of this show. Pinks may be my favourite to wear and Revolution have definitely delivered. Even the darkest shade is a black with pink sparkles through it.

For this halo-y eye I used the neutral mattes to create a base then packed that beautiful deep pink, Tone, onto the outer and inner corners. This might be my favourite colour from the whole palette because it's something I would expect to see from ABH or high end brands yet it has a drugstore price point. Tone does take a little building up, but nothing too bad, and it doesn't stain my skin.

In the centre of the eye I patted the shimmery pink shades, Personal and Style. Style is one of the metallic, foiled shades and I find that these work best with the natural oils of the fingers or a brush dampened with setting spray. 

Which look would you wear?

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