My Cath Kidston Collection

Truthfully, I don't know anyone who doesn't like at least one thing from Cath Kidston. The designs have been classics since they opened in the 90s, and I feel like in the past few years the brand has boomed even bigger, branching out into new, more modern designs, and offering gadget accessories and even more homeware and clothing. 

I don't tend to shop for myself there because quite honestly, I do feel that many things are massively overpriced. Take the iPhone cases for example, they're £16 for the same material and fit as cheap and cheerful eBay picks. I do understand that you're supporting a British brand and buying it for the Cath Kidston design, but damn that's an pricey piece of plastic.

However, I do love browsing the sale to scoop up bargain presents, whether purchasing for other people or adding to my own Christmas list. I now have a small but perfectly formed collection in my wardrobe (plus many more on my wishlist).

a dark grey backpack with white spots, a blue backpack with multicoloured labels with british seaside names, a smaller pale blue bag, and a dark blue umbrella are clustered on a wooden bench

Charcoal Button Spot Backpack 
AKA the backpack of dreeeaaaams. When I was at school I wore a heavy bag on one shoulder and now I'm a bit lopsided, so these days I prefer backpacks to keep the ol' spine happy. This one ticks every box for me. It's big enough to fit my camera, notebook, and the kitchen sink, yet not structured, so it doesn't stick out like a shell and whack unsuspecting grannies in the street. 

The design and details are what make me crawl back to Cath (even if she does flog sixteen quid cases). The polka dots and muted colours are classic, then the straps have stripes of navy, pink, and gold glitter thread that just make it look so much prettier and more luxury. The shoulder straps are nice and padded, there are plenty of pockets, and the oilcloth fabric survives water and mud, making it ideal for all my outdoor adventures.

Label Picnic Bag
I love the look of those old fashioned wicker picnic baskets complete with cheeseboard, gravy boat, and steak knives, but realistically they're far too heavy for my wonky shoulder, so when I saw Cath had come through with a backpack version I couldn't resist. I had grand plans to picnic in every place tagged on the bag, until I realised Clacton is 260 miles away, and that's a bit far to go to scoff my sarnies.

Wearing it on my back makes it much easier to go walkabout and stop to eat wherever I fancy, and while I first thought the plastic plates and cutlery included were a bit poundshop, they do actually make the whole thing much lighter. They're kept in the front pocket, while the main one is insulated to keep all my bits nice and cool (oo-er).

a blue umbrella sits in a red tub on a blue background. the umbrella is printed with london scenes such as red buses.

London Umbrella
similar here*
I almost sneakily left this one out because I know full well I'll curse myself when I talk about it. You see, I've had this brolly for 3 or 4 years and never once had to use it, which is handy, because there's no way I'd wrestle it back into the cute little box.  I keep it in the boot of my car, because it's sod's law that the one day I leave it out I'll get caught in torrential downpour, but now I've told the whole world it hasn't been used I can practically hear the clouds plotting to catch me out.

While those phone cases are high price for standard quality, I must admit that the umbrellas are well made. They're light, they fold up very small, and they have sun protection. You'd be absolutely fuming if you left one of these bad boys on the bus. 

a blue bag with pink birds sits on a blue wooden ledge with pink flowers behind it, and a tub and tube in the same print in front of it
2 tubes, a tub, and a nail file all printed with pastel flowers and birds stand on a blue wooden ledge with pink and red flowers behind them

Blossom Birds Washbag and Manicure Set
similar set here*
My mother-in-sort-of-law kindly gave me this set for Christmas, and I have to confess it's not my usual style. I can see Kate Middleton delicately placing her Sisley tinted moisturiser in this, not messy old me chucking my Revolution concealer at it. Whatever your style, you could put a whole lot of makeup in this roomy bag, so I'm going to save it for nights away or whenever I feel fitting of a little luxury. Thankfully it's wipe clean, so I stand a good chance of keeping it fit for a princess. 

I've not used the manicure set yet either, because I'm saving it (for what? A zombie apocalypse? A visit from the Queen? Why do we all do this?) but really I should delve into it. I might even trick people into thinking I'm posh when I pull my Cath Kidston hand cream from my Cath Kidston bag, as long as they don't spot the Greggs receipt in there too.

There we are, my Cath collection so far! I've got my eye on a pair from their collaboration with New Balance next. Which products do you love?
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