August Favourites

First off, I will tell you what is not my favourite: these cold mornings and nights creeping in. Woahhh nelly, you can hold off on that, thankyou very much. I'm not ready to wave goodbye to Summer just yet, although the lure of not shaving my legs for months is quite exciting.

Cold mornings aside, August has been a pretty wonderful month. I spent a lot of time outdoors, including an exhilarating experience at Go Ape, spent time with family, and had a lot of moments where I really appreciated what was going on. Those are always the best bits of a month, but I'll share with you some items that made it that little bit lovelier.

The Body Shop British Rose Nail Polish
I think this has been discontinued now, more's the pity, because I've worn it on my nails twice in a row. It's a sheer pink and I've been loving how two coats of it looks with a bit of glitter dabbed on for a nude-ish nail look. You can still see the white tips of your nails, but it just makes them look healthy and well, polished.

You should know by now that my favourite influencers are the ones who are totally open and true to themselves, and Josie fits that bill exactly. A Liverpool lady who vlogs fashion and beauty, she injects so much personality into every video and talks in such an upbeat way. It's really nice to watch a YouTuber who is a fellow Northerner and doesn't have the RP accent that many big YouTubers have.

Llama necklace
Another lovely Liverpudlian (well, marvellous Merseysider), Katy from The Lilac Scrapbook, said she'd seen something she just had to send to me. I was so excited to unwrap the mystery when it arrived, and I found the most amazing card that's totally me, and this little gold llama necklace. You might have seen that I took some llamas for a walk, which inspired Katy to kindly buy me this dainty charm, and now it's a perfect reminder of an animal and a person I love a lot.

I'm sure I mention shower gels every month, but a hot shower with a beautifully scented gel is something I look forward to every day. This one doesn't disappoint, with a bright, punchy citrus scent that really perks me up. It's also nice to know that it's cruelty free.

Hooooly mother of sweet and salty, these are good. I'd had the white chocolate fudge version years ago but they used to be an American import, so each bite cost you 50p. Happily the milk and dark chocolate versions are now available in supermarkets for £1 a bag. I'd advise buying 10. Crunchy, salty pretzels dipped in creamy chocolate make the perfect snack if, like me, you love salted caramel, salted chocolate, anything with that moreish salty sweet combination. 

What made your August awesome?



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