Snapping Street Art: Liv Blog Squad Photo Walk

When Samm organised a photo walk around Liverpool, I jumped at the chance to join in! She runs Liv Blog Squad and uses it as a way to unite bloggers from the area, planning workshops designed to help us skill share, learning from one another and having a good gossip and giggle along the way. 

I took my first set of outfit photos around the museum of Liverpool, making the most of the striking architecture, but this time we mixed things up a little with a tour of the street art. The city is known for its creativity, and there are signs of it everywhere, with almost every wall sporting a message or mural. Allie from Tie Dye Eyes knows them all, and led us through the city to snap some Insta-worthy shots and share her tips.

Lyd stands in front of a dalmation wall mural, wearing a black top and multicolour trousersSamm poses against a purple wall while Allie takes a picture

Allie is something of a pro (just check out her Instagram! I love how she strikes the right balance of showing off her style and her personality) so I was keen to hear her advice on striking a pose and getting the best pictures. I definitely still need the practise, but I'll bear these tips in mind:

1. Practise in the mirror at home, see what looks most flattering for you
2. Know your angles. Allie said that she likes to put one hip forward for more balance, and never shoots in profile, so she remembers that while posing.
3. Use different levels. Can you sit on a kerb or the back of a bench? This helps to mix up your feed and is also an easier place to start.
4. Shoot with someone you trust. Allie pointed out that her best friend takes photos for her and knows what angles Allie dislikes, so will suggest poses to avoid them and get the most flattering pictures.
5. Take lots of candids! The brilliant thing about digital cameras is that you can just delete what you don't like, so it's worth taking tonnes where you're laughing, talking or singing. Audiences tend to love natural shots.

Lyd sits in front of bright cockatoo wall art wearing a black top and multicoloured trousers

While I'm a bit annoyed at myself for still being so self conscious and awkward, Allie's advice and the lovely group really helped, while the colourful street art inspired me. Samm was kind enough to take these photos for me and gave me suggestions on where to look or how to have my hair, while Craig was our personal cheerleader, dancing and providing a Britney soundtrack at every opportunity. I also met Yasmina and Aditi, two lovely ladies who made me feel comfortable right away. Posing in public is awkward, but being in a group made it so much easier. I'd definitely recommend getting together with your own blogging friends for a photoshoot if you can!

Where's your favourite place to get photos?



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