Llandudno Armed Forces Day

One of my favourite words is serendipitous, and it's the perfect one to describe last Saturday. We woke up early and headed over to Llandudno, a seaside spot that we've visited all my life. As we drove, we noticed that the roads were unusually busy, and signs soon told us why: it was Armed Forces day and Llandudno was hosting a huge celebration.

I know that the defences are a controversial topic, but the way I saw it is that every individual walking in the parade was doing so because they are proud of our country and people and want to protect us, and it's not those individuals that decided how that is done. It was a chance for them to be celebrated for their bravery, and the community certainly pulled together to show their support. The whole promenade was packed with people of all ages clapping and waving flags as the parades went by with brass bands booming out behind them.

As a nod to the air force, the red arrows, spitfires, and Lancaster bombers came and put on the most incredible air show. When I heard people discussing it I thought it wouldn't be my thing, but we headed up the hill to watch and the pilots proved me wrong. They looped, twirled, and decorated the sky with their coloured streamers, but the best was yet to come. A Typhoon, an even more powerful plane, came ripping through the sky with such force I could feel it reverberating through my chest, yet the pilot had it swirling through the sky as easily as if it were a toy.

After all the excitement, we took a detour to Haulfre Gardens. Despite visiting so many times, it was an area I'd never seen before, and the glorious sunshine made it the perfect day to explore. Winding up through the hillside we passed beautiful houses, met the friendliest Collie dog, and even hung out with Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Alice In Wonderland is linked to Llandudno, and you can spot nods to the characters all around the town.

Before we were homeward bound, there was just enough time for a dip in the sea- it would be wrong not to on such a sunny day! We stopped at Colwyn Bay for a paddle, where another lovely Collie joined us. He ran behind me, pushed his head between my ankles, and played tug of war with his tennis ball, but just wouldn't stay still for a photo.

Have you ever celebrated Armed Forces Day?



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