June Favourites

My only experience of this band before June was their song 'King', which was played roughly 1783 times a day when I worked in a big department store, so we didn't get off on the right foot! Lately I've discovered more of their tracks and fallen in love with the beats and raw lyrics addressing homosexuality. My favourites are 'Sanctify' and 'Meteorite', and if you offered me tickets to see any musician right now I'd say Years and Years in a heartbeat.

I love perfume, but on a daily basis I prefer body sprays, and Ted Baker ones are yet to let me down. This is my favourite yet, with notes of two of my favourite scents: raspberry and rose. It's fruity but still fresh enough to smell mature and the pretty bottle is a great travel size. 

I'm not a mother or a homeowner, but that hasn't stopped me binge watching every one of this lady's videos this month! I know all about how to give kids healthy snacks on a budget, and the best deals to get at Walmart- information I will never use, but she just makes it so entertaining. If you do want parenting or financial advice I would definitely recommend watching. 

How To Train Your Dragon
When my boyfriend put this film on I protested, saying it would be silly and boring and I wouldn't sit through it all. I was so wrong. It's amazing! Toothless the dragon is so adorable and well animated, and the storyline really had me gripped. It's a great film for little ones and big kids like me.

In the recent sizzling heat, these have practically replaced fruit as my 5-a-day. The mint ice cream has little chocolate crispies on top, and secret layers on chocolate sauce, as well as solid chocolate at the bottom. They're divine, and such a bargain at £1.40 for 6. 



  1. 'How to Train Your Dragon' is amazing! I want my very own Toothless <3 My cat, Luther, does look a little bit like him though :) I'm also living on ice-cream cones too haha x


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