July Favourites

I filmed a first impressions of this foundation and said "I don't think this will be my favourite" but past Lyd was oh so wrong. Buildable medium coverage with a sheeny finish, this really does look like my skin but better. It's creamy without being greasy, doesn't separate on my chin like most of my liquid foundations, and just makes me feel so comfortable and confident when I wear it. I love that it's so travel friendly thanks to its slim design and sturdy plastic packaging, too.

My only qualm is that it does succumb to oil quite badly, especially with the recent heat making my skin more oily than usual. When my skin resumes its normal scaly state I'm sure we'll be a perfect pair, but for now I do like to use powder and setting spray to prolong it. If you have very oily skin you might need a mattifying primer or to skip this altogether.

I was looking for a funny, easy to watch film to cheer me up, and Melissa McCarthy fit the bill perfectly. I don't tend to like American comedies because I prefer British humour, but looking at Bridesmaids and Sisters I've realised that the ladies across the pond know how to write them so well!

Melissa plays a mother who goes back to college with her daughter when her husband end their marriage, and learns to let her hair down and recapture her youth. The film is funny without being slapstick, and cute without getting cheesy. It's perfect for a girls night or lazy afternoon.

Peppermint Tea
Listen, we're all good friends here and you know I keep it real, so I don't mind telling you that I am plagued with bloating. My tummy is often like a beach ball and sometimes I'm convinced I'll float off like a balloon. Peppermint tea is renowned for helping that, and this month I've really enjoyed drinking it as it's both refreshing and great for my tummy.

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again
The highlight of the whole month! What a triumph. I found this easily as good as the first film, with a meatier storyline and beautiful visuals (Young Bill and Sam very much included). It was just the right amount of cheese with a tear-jerking twist that had both me and my mum in bits. It's absolutely brilliant, I defy anyone to watch it and not want to jump up and join in.

What did you love this month?



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