How I Wear Bright Eyeshadow

a pink and gold eyeshadow look on brown eyes
Colourful makeup is creeping back onto the market, with nude bronze palettes being shunned in favour of rosy hues, orange tones, and pops of pigment, but full on rainbow brights are still scary territory for most of us. I was determined to change that in my routine this year, and I've come up with an easy method of brightening up my makeup without looking like a paintbox. It works well for my hooded eyes and is actually quicker than a neutral smoky eye!

You can definitely make it more dramatic by taking it further up the lid, using darker shades, or adding a slick of liner, but I'm not that brave (yet). You will notice that I added lashes though, and I much prefer doing this first so that I don't mess with my eyeshadow when I inevitably make a pig's ear of putting the lashes on.

a 5 step photo guide demonstrating how I wear bright eyeshadow

Step 1: Pop a neutral mid tone brown just above your crease and give it a good blend.

Step 2: Add your chosen colour to the outer half/two thirds of your eye, blending into crease and outer edges. I don't take mine across the whole crease because I feel it suits my eye better, but you do you boo. You could darken the crease and edges with a brown or touch of black if you like.

Step 3: Prime the inner third of your eye with a glitter glue or primer like the Wunder2 Prime + Behold.

Step 4: Press a shimmer or glitter in a complementary colour on top. I like Makeup Geek foils and here I used Topshop's Shuffle The Cards pressed glitter, which reflects pink, peach, and gold. Use a little of your bright shade to blend the edge.

Step 5: Go under your eye with your transition, bright, or both. Finish the look with mascara, and lashes and liner if you like.

What are your favourite colours to wear?



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