The Benefits Of Blogging

Not only has blogging invited me to things I wouldn't have the money or chance to do ordinarily, but recently I had an interview for copy and content production that I know I wouldn't have been offered if I didn't have 17 months of blogging on my CV.

There is no manager or boss telling me when to post or how to edit the photos, I have taught myself and kept myself accountable for it all. It started as a fun hobby, but along the way I've learned how to communicate with brands and better my site, and now it's a real asset.

I've always had an open mind and absorbed facts about people different to me, but blogging has allowed me to hear it straight from them and understand their perspective. My empathy and awareness have developed as a result, and without realising it, the bloggers I read have made me a better person.

Disabled bloggers like Beth and Sarah told me about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a condition affecting connective tissue, which I'd never even heard of before. They've helped me to recognise my privilege, spot where things are unfair for them, and opened my eyes to using the correct terminology and assistance with other disabled people.

Bloggers like Lima and Laila discuss issues they face as women as colour, from brands excluding them to ignorance I didn't even know I had. I love reading their blogs and tweets because I see how they affect real people on a day to day basis, and I learn best through small chunks of information.

Charley is the first gender fluid person I've spoken to, and she has shown me how misrepresented she feels and taught me the things that hurt her so I can avoid them and see things from her side. I know it's not the role of disabled, ethnic minority, or gender fluid bloggers to teach, but my responsibility to learn, so by speaking to Charley I've been encouraged to do my own research and expand my knowledge.

When I started talking to a camera in 2014, it was pretty much the only thing I talked to. I was at university, living in a poky little house with my boyfriend, studying a course I didn't love, and crying with loneliness every day.

Thanks to those videos, then this blog, I have friends I speak to every day. I have people I check in with on Twitter, friends who come to me for support and vice versa, and a group chat of girls who discuss everything, from the latest gossip to helping one another through grief. To an outsider it may seem strange that I'm mainly chatting through a screen, but I've always struggled with friendship and fitting in and this group has made me feel more supported and celebrated than anyone I've met through work or school. Maybe it's because our shared love of writing and beauty brought us together rather than our environment forcing us. 

These people are without a doubt the best bit of blogging, and I'm so incredibly grateful that the hobby that started out of isolation has brought me the answer.

What have you gained from blogging?



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