Adding Sparkle To My Makeup Bag

 Despite opting for natural makeup on a day to day basis, there's something within me that just cannot resist the glittery goodies that have been trickling into the makeup market. From liquid eyeshadows and lip toppers to highlighters saturated with sparkle, this magpie wants it all. I know that glitter would act like a neon sign pointing to my crooked teeth and scarred skin, so I've chosen to keep the twinkle on my eyes only with four products I've picked up recently.

swatches of a gold and silver glitter, rose gold cream, and multicoloured glitters on a white arm

I thought I'd found a Stila dupe before, but this is even closer. I have mine in the shade 'Oh Snap', which consists of tiny gold shimmer and larger silvery, holographic flecks suspended in a super light liquid. When I swatched this is store it was dense with glitter in one swipe but this must have been due to the sample drying out, as my tube does require lots of building or you can dab one coat over an eye look for a twinkly topper.

swatches of a gold and silver glitter, rose gold cream, and multicoloured glitters on a white arm

These pressed pigments are one of the coolest and most unique products I've seen, and when the shades Wax and Wane and Changeling were on sale I had to snap them up. It's hard to even describe the colours because they shift with the slightest turn of the light (and even harder to photograph!). Wax and Wane is mostly purple and blue reflects in a warm base, whereas Changeling can appear peach one minute, then green, then golden, and blue! They make for a really interesting, high impact product that can be used on the face, over lipstick, or my favourite: in a bright eyeshadow look.

Primark Glitter Junkie Metallic Eye Pigment
'Glitter junkie' is definitely a bit of a fib here. At first squeeze this cream does look like it has holographic micro glitters, but somehow they disappear when applied to the lid. What's left behind is a foil effect wash of colour that can be built up to a beautiful, strong rose gold. £1 for 14ml of shiny goodness definitely deserves a shoutout- even if it's not quite as sparkly as its counterparts! Run to Primark now to grab this or the denim blue version.

How do you wear glitter?



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