Towneley Classic Car Show

Whenever we spot a vintage car on the road, my dad will always point it out to me and tell me the name, engine size, and usually 'I had one of those, but I gave it away'. I can't remember a word of the technical information, but his love for classic cars has passed down anyway. I love the colours of them and the little touches like matching dashboards, pleated seats, and chrome badges on the bodywork, and if I won the lottery I'm sure I'd be tempted to own a few models.

Until then, I'm happy to admire them, and my favourite park happened to play host this weekend. Placed just outside Burnley town centre, Towneley Park is built around a historic house which is now used as a museum and event space, and the grounds are filled with families, dog walkers, and, on this occasion, hundreds of motors, from Fords to Ferraris.

a metallic blue classic mini cooper next to a red one
teal blue riley elf car

I couldn't possibly choose a favourite because so many cars were gorgeous for different reasons, but I was really drawn to this Riley Elf- the owner had even put vintage books, cameras, and newspaper in the car! All of the owners seemed happy to talk about their cars and it's nice that they share them at shows rather than hiding them away in garages. 

The Mini Coopers also grabbed my attention, there's just something about the dinky original model that's so lovely, particularly when they're in perfect condition. I also saw a cream Mini van which had panels rather than windows at the back which I fell pretty hard for- I could picture it filled with my shop stock and painted with my name to tootle along to craft fairs.

a grey land rover painted with 'grassington service station'
a row of red, black, and green doorless kit cars

Along with a few army Land Rovers, I was surprised to spot this service car from the tiny town of Grassington, in Yorkshire. It's nice that it's in mint condition and really being treasured as a piece of history.

The chunky, utility, four wheel drive cars fascinate me too. Going down the motorway in a car with no doors would be alarming to say the least, but on a sunny day I'd like to take the green Scamp pictured above for a spin. They remind me of Lego cars!

a red leather car interior embroidered with 'panther' and emblem in cream
a bright yellow car dashboard

Granted, modern cars are more comfortable to sit in, but classic cars definitely have better interiors. That bright yellow dashboard would jazz up even the worst drive to work! I loved the Panther embroidery, and didn't see any other car with interior embellishment like that.

lyd stood in front of a maroon vintage car

I still can't remember their full names or engine sizes, but I definitely have an appreciation for classic cars and their owners. I think part of it comes from my concern for the planet and conservation, and while I understand that classic cars burn through petrol, I also see that these cars haven't been abandoned or scrapped, but restored and really cherished and displayed for other people to enjoy.

What's your favourite car?



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