Shop Small: Father's Day

Father's Day is one of the most stress-inducing dates in my diary, along with Christmas and my dad's birthday. He doesn't follow football, he doesn't play golf, he's not mad about cars or beer, and his main hobby is dreaming up new designs for property developments. Seeing as my budget doesn't quite stretch to a French farmhouse for him to do up, I've turned to Etsy to find unusual gifts to please even the most difficult dads.


This is one of the nicest little gifts I've seen, and the great thing about shopping small is that you can have it personalised to make it even sweeter. The oak finish is really classic, and so much nicer than those supermarket Simpsons keyrings.

Badger & Squidge

I love that this shop offers something for the step dads out there and the 'thanks for stepping in' slogan is really sweet and touching without getting too mushy. This shop also offers a service where they'll write and post the card for you to save time!

Classic Car Print
Classic Motors

Cars are often a good choice for dads, but many items can be... well, I'll just say it: tacky. This print is much sleeker and I can imagine it looking really cool in a contemporary home. The seller has a range of designs, so you could get him a print of his first car or his dream car!

Sharks and Waves Bow Tie

Admittedly, bow ties are a pretty niche item, but when I spotted this one I couldn't resist including it! From a distant it looks like a smart blue and white design, but closer up you can see what's really lurking. If your dad is getting married or just have a quirky sense of style, you have to snap up a tie from this shop.
Cheese Making Kit

I know, I know, I hit the ball out of the park with this one! A new hobby AND snacks? You will win the gift game with this, my friends. Unless your dad is vegan, lactose intolerant, or on a diet.

What's the best gift you've ever bought your dad?
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