Brunching At Racconto Lounge

When I saw that Racconto Lounge had popped up in Bury, little did I know that it would be the most Instagrammable location in town! The interior is like nothing I've seen before, and such a clever use of the space. Huge paper lanterns swing from the ceiling, while the walls are adorned with thousands of framed portraits and paintings. Antique bureaus and mirrors meet recycled wood flooring and bright, mismatched furniture to give it an eclectic but cosy feeling. In a small space all of this would be cramped and dark, but it brings much needed warmth and life to the tall industrial space.

I will say that we did have plenty of time to take in the view, as our meals were pretty late, and we waited longer than the 30 minutes advised. However, we did visit on a Bank Holiday and the staff were really polite about it, so it wouldn't stop me returning, but I would choose a quieter time.

white paper lanterns hanging in front of a wall covered in portraits

The veggie brunch caught my eye because it featured halloumi and sweetcorn fritters instead of Quorn or Linda McCartney sausages, which I'm not really a fan of. It also came with toast, fried egg, spinach, peppers, mushrooms, hash browns, and -perhaps most importantly- baked beans in a little pot. I love it when they're kept separate rather than getting my food wet. 10 points, Racconto Lounge.

My brunch was really delicious, although I wish I could have swapped the mushrooms for another fritter. They didn't have as much salty, chewy halloumi as I had expected, but the texture was really good nonetheless. Alongside the all day breakfast menu, there are also paninis, burgers, salad, and tapas on offer, all of which sound delicious. The menu is fairly priced too, with most mains and drinks coming to around a tenner.

a plate of vegetarian brunch and glass of coke on a striped table

I was excited to see that the menu also features homemade lemonades and watermelon iced tea. I don't drink alcohol, so it's always a pleasant surprise to see more interesting soft drinks on offer. Sadly my sister ordered the raspberry lemonade, and while it was good to see that it was made with lots of real fruit, it was super sour.

While my parents really enjoyed a twisted chicken panini and homemade vegetable soup, my sister pulled the short straw again with the breakfast muffin she ordered. The sausage patty was tiny in comparison to the toasted muffin, and the meal should have included a hash brown to pad it out a bit in our opinion. Luckily for her, I'm happy to share.

Racconto Lounge lost a few points on my first visit, but I'm willing to forgive and forget and try again because the rest of the menu just looked too good! Mexican Superbowl? Halloumi burger? I'm coming to get ya.



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