Musicals I'd Love To See

I've been incredibly lucky to see lots of musicals in my life, and they have had a real impact on me. For a while I wanted to be treading the boards of the West End myself, but after one too many disastrous dance classes I realised that in my case it would be more like tripping the boards. Some of the best I've seen so far are Britain's Got Bhangra, Sister Act, and the big one, Les Mis, but there are still quite a few to tick off my list.

The Lion King
My mum and sister invited me to see this a few years ago and I will never not regret turning them down! I follow the official Facebook page where they share behind the scenes glimpses, and seeing the hours put into each mask and the athletic training of the performers has just filled me with respect and admiration.

We Will Rock You
I performed this in college and have to say that it's the weirdest musical out there! Killer Queen has banned music and anyone daring to disagree is banished to The Seven Seas of Rhye. It does feel like the Queen songs have just been jammed in anywhere, but hey, I adore Queen, so I can roll with it.

Kinky Boots
The film is so beautiful, and one of my favourites, so it would be interesting to see how the musical lives up. I'm fascinated with drag makeup and would love to see the angels strut their stuff on stage, bringing the boring boot factory to life. I imagine it's a really fun musical.

Mamma Mia
Another fun musical that I'm sure would get everyone singing and dancing along! I don't trust anyone who doesn't love an ABBA song or ten, and the movie musical manages to bring them together with a half decent storyline. Seeing it on stage would be even cheesier but totally hilarious and a really feel good evening.

School Of Rock
This film is a classic, and bringing it to the boards can only make the characters even larger and the kids even sassier. It's tough for anyone to tour and perform 8 shows a week, so for the children in the show to have such big parts at a young age is really impressive. I've heard that they're fantastic.

What's the best musical you've seen?



  1. I love musicals. School of Rock is definitely on my list as I'd love to see how it's been adapted for stage. Some of the best productions I've seen have to be Les Mis, Legally Blonde, Cabaret, Hairspray & The Lion King. I'd love to go and see Aladdin - it was one of my favourite Disney films as a child and again I'd love to see how they've adapted it for stage.

    Jackie O xo

  2. I love musicals so much! Honestly if I had the funds I go and see more of them a lot often! I saw kinky boots about a month ago and I really recommend seeing it if you can, the songs are so catchy and the storyline is just beautiful! It's finishing its run next year though, but as tickets aren't too expensive I'd be tempted to see it again! Great post!


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