May Favourites

Good LORD these are good. Well, better than good, more along the lines of magnificent. The Oreo discs are neither crunchy nor soggy, but a brownie texture, while the ice cream they hold somehow isn't cold enough to hurt my sensitive teeth as I chomp through. Neither flavour overpowers the other, and they just work perfectly. 10/10, would eat the whole box.

Death is something we're so touchy about in Western society, a fact that really hit home when we had a passing in our own family. It's a really taboo subject and that means we can deal with it in unhealthy ways. This channel is from a mortician who bucks Western trends and encourages people to know more about death and be involved with it. She discusses every area of death in a respectful and informative way, with a dash of humour to make it easy watching.

Gail Honeyman
I'd seen everyone and their cat reading this book, and finally understood the fuss for myself. It's hard to write book reviews without giving it away, but just know that both the plot and characters develop beautifully in this story. It's touching, intriguing, and totally unexpected.

Talking about mental illness can be difficult, and doing it in the right way even more so. I have so much respect for Craig discussing the root of his anxiety in a calm, balanced way, and providing advice and information for viewers who want to deal with their own problems. He presented it perfectly, with total honesty that didn't feel upsetting. I know that this video will help someone.

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What did you love this month?



  1. Wow them Oreo's sound so good. I adored Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine too. xxx


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