My Essential Art Supplies

 I've loved arts and crafts from an early age. We were lucky enough to have a play room, and it was like stepping into Hobbycraft, The Works, and the Crayola factory combined, so it's no surprise that my passion has grown with me, although my collection is a little more refined. This post would be longer than War And Peace if I listed everything, but these are the things I reach for every day!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links marked with *. Using them won't cost you any more, but I'll get a bit of moola to buy more pens.

Starting with the basics, I always choose a sketchbook with thick, white, smooth pages. Many brands have a slight tint or grain to their pages, but Winsor and Newton have great paper with serrations for easy removal, in handy ringbound books. 

a white pen, yellow pen, and black liner pen on a page of handwritten quotes

My absolute must haves are good fine liner pens for drawing lines and adding dotwork. I've tried Faber-Castell and UniPin, but my favourites are Sakura Microns*. I mainly use sizes 0.2, 0.1, and 0.05 but also have sizes 0.3, 0.5, and 0.8, which I use for filling in larger spaces, as the ink is pitch black, waterproof, and fade proof.

I also have a large range of colourful Staedtler Triplus fineliners*. I tend not to use them in my illustrations as they can become patchy, but I enjoy using them to write out greetings cards and packaging for my shop orders. 

Another essential pen in my collection is a simple white gel pen from Pilot. I use this for adding highlights and details, but it's also really handy to use almost like a tiny Tippex. I can blank out mistakes and colour over them pretty easily.

a watercolour palette on a brown sketchbook with pencils and insect illustrations
bee illustrations with brushes and tubes of paint

When it comes to adding colour, watercolour is my choice, although I do find it very difficult to work with. Winsor and Newton is a great brand, and I have their pocket palette plus a 45 colour half pan palette*, and I also use their masking fluid, which is a medium you paint over areas you don't want the paint to touch, then peel off. Between the palettes, I have every colour I could want, and I like to use them for either washes or more solid pops of colour. For blending and layering I prefer watercolour pencils, and use a great set from Reeves.

I'm trying to branch into acrylic, so I have a super cheap set that are actually labelled as fabric paints, and 2 bottles from the docraft Artiste range. For all my paints I use some fine Winsor and Newton brushes, and a set from Royal and Langnickel, who make a huge variety of brushes- even makeup ones! My set is real hair, sable, so I will be swapping to a synthetic set when they're done.

What art supplies do you love?



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