My Travel Beauty Picks

Listen, I know I said that I don't like to travel, but that doesn't extend to staycations, and when this publishes I'll be sunning myself on the shores of Lake Windermere. In the past I've travelled with a huge bag of makeup, kidding myself that I'd pull off a perfect smoky eye every night, but I've learned from my mistakes and this time I went for quick picks that were guaranteed to work with my go-to look.

For base I took the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation in Ivory. This is actually the first 'proper' foundation I bought, and years later I'm still really happy with it. I know that I can just blob it, blend it, and go. I also took my staple Collection concealer and the Makeup Revolution one.

To add colour I took more Rimmel products, in the form of their discontinued cream blushes in pop of pink, and cherry, which is my go to blush for pairing with red lips. They really should bring these back as I suspect they're a great dupe for Glossier cloud paint.

Finally for my face I took my Natural Collection bronzer, which doubled as eyeshadow, and I picked up a Miss Sporty powder compact. I grabbed it because it was cheap and reminded me of Polly Pocket cases, but it's actually a cracking little product!

I'm not too fussed about huge, false effect lashes during the day, but I did want something that would give a bit of oomph and stick around through rain or shine, and Clinique's High Impact made the cut.

For eyebrow taming I grabbed the Billion Dollar Brows Universal Pencil as it can be used for a minimal look or built up to be more dramatic. I actually find it quicker and easier to use a gel colour on an angled brush, but this takes up less room in my bag.

Since most of my makeup made for an easy, natural look, I went ham with the lip options to add a pop of colour. I took my favourite W7 liquid lipsticks in Chippie and Sinful, and the Makeup Geek plush matte lip in Beauty Queen, along with the Revlon lip butter in Peach Parfait for an easy nude option.

What makeup do you take away?



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