Flying High On Zipworld Velocity: My Zipworld Experience

For my 21st birthday, back in 2016, I wanted to do something special to commemorate the occasion. I've always been interested in outdoor adventures, so when I heard about Zipworld's infamous Velocity zipwire, tucked into the Welsh countryside, I knew I'd met my match.

When I told people I'd booked Zipworld, I was immediately met with a grimace and
"I'd never do that!" but some reason, the idea of the world's fastest zipwire didn't faze me. I figured that I was more likely to have a fatal accident in my own kitchen than on the wire, and besides, the latter would make my last moments much more exciting.

I'm stood in on a gravel path wearing a white helmet and red overalls bearing a red zipworld logo

I wasn't nervous on the drive there, I didn't break a sweat as we were weighed and suited up in the correct equipment. The staff explained everything carefully and had clearly done it a million times before, I was in safe hands and felt nothing but excitement... until we reached the 'mini' wire to warm up. Again, it wasn't hurtling at high speed that bothered me, but I was petrified that I had misheard the safety instructions and would cause an accident myself. Cue a level 8 meltdown.

Trust me to be the one having a huge adrenaline rush before I'd even seen the zipwire! Once I calmed down I asked for instructions again, lay on the platform, and got ready for blast off. Before I knew it, I'd dropped into thin air, left my stomach far behind, and I was soaring over the forest, screaming profanities as I went. And to be honest? I hated it. It really felt like the trees were close enough to scratch me, and I was terrified for what was yet to come.

Determined not to back out, I climbed onto the tour bus and tried to enjoy the views as we climbed higher and higher into the Conwy countryside. Our destination was a dizzying ledge that would launch us over the chasm and its beautiful blue lake.

At this point my bravado was fully gone, and I would have rather walked back down in size 3 stilettos, but again, I was buckled in and pushed into certain death the ride of my life.

a video taken on an action camera that shows my flight over a turquoise slate lagoon on zipworld's velocity zipwire
After the initial drop, time seemed to stand still, and I was gliding free as a bird. All too soon it was over, and I was coming in to land. I had to grab a huge stick, like a shepherd's crook, and the staff member who pulled me in said he could feel me shaking through it! He was right, my legs were like jelly and it took some time to get my breath back, but I couldn't stop smiling.

ZipWorld gave me such a huge confidence boost. I was so tempted to bottle it, but I would have left feeling so disappointed in myself. Instead, 10 seconds of pure fear gave way to one of the single most exhilarating events in my whole life. It made for such a special family memory, and I will always be proud of myself for facing those fears.

Would you have a go?



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