How I Use Essential Oils

Some people swear by essential oils, and can reel off their recommendations for every malady or mishap. I'm certainly not that hardcore, but I have garnered a small collection, and thought I'd share the ways that I use them every day.

Tea tree was the first essential oil I bought, after reading it was as effective as benzoyl peroxide. It's very easy to find, and is renowned for helping to clear the skin, due to its antibacterial properties. It's so handy to pop on to spots or skin irritations, but always be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil such as coconut or almond!

Sometimes I add citrus or rosemary oils to a carrier oil and use it for a face massage when my skin is throwing a tantrum. Massaging boosts the circulation while the oil melts every speck of grime, and the essential oil makes my complexion brighter and clearer. As an added bonus, the scent makes the process smell like a spa treatment!

I love popping a few drops of citrus, lemon, or sweet orange oil in a cup and placing it on my radiator to scent my room as it evaporates. If you find candles too heavy or cloying, a straight oil is a much simpler, fresher, scent. I lean towards citrus for the aromatherapy benefits, as I find that they lift my mood a little. 

Dropping mint essential oil in my shower tray is a go to trick when I have allergies, a cold, or a migraine. The scented steam really helps to clear my sinuses and allows me to breathe easily. 

Ever since I was a little girl I've known that lavender is perfect for soothing to sleep. My mum used to put it on a handkerchief on my pillow to help me drift off. Less is more with this potent oil, it can be overpowering and headache-inducing, so start with a single drop then add more as needed.

If I'm stressed or slouched, my shoulders quickly stiffen up. To ease them, I mix black pepper oil into my moisturiser or shower gel and do my best to knead those knots. The oil is warming to the skin, and really helps to soothe the muscles. 

Similarly, if my scalp has had all the dry shampoo it can take, I will add a drop of rosemary oil to my shampoo and thoroughly massage it. It boosts circulation, supposedly boosts hair growth, and makes me feel really refreshed.

- If in doubt, always dilute an essential oil before adding to the skin. Dilute even more for children.
- Make sure you purchase quality essential oils, not fragrance oils. I buy mine from Naissance
- Be very careful using them in pregnancy and nursing, consult your midwife or doctor. 

Do you use essential oils?



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