How I Ease My Anxiety

When I started this blog I swore I wouldn't talk about anxiety. I want to use it to look back at happy times, but the harsh reality is that they are often clouded with my doubts and fears. There are a few things that I've found to keep anxiety at bay, and if sharing them helps just one person, it's worth breaking my own ban.

I'm wearing black dungarees and standing in front of a forest and waterfall with my arms outstretched

I hear my anxiety very clearly, and the only way to shut The Voice up is to make another noise. Sometimes I'll click, whistle, or hum, but I love singing most as I can concentrate on the beat and lyrics for total distraction. If you don't like singing, try listening to uplifting songs and focus on hearing just one instrument at a time, or tapping out a beat. 

The outdoors
Nature is an absolute tonic for my broken little brain, as it gives me perspective. When I walk through a woodland full of trees a hundred times older than me, or listen to waves lapping on a shore, they seem much more real and powerful than any of my problems. The space also helps, it's as though anxiety can't catch me when I'm not trapped in four walls. 

Arts and crafts
Having a vivid imagination is a blessing and a curse. It works hand in hand with my anxiety, so if I tear it away and put it to good use illustrating or painting, it reduces anxiety's power hugely. It also distracts me for some time while I'm concentrating on the designs, and it's rewarding to grow my skills and have something physical at the end of it.

Just five minutes of flinging my arms around with my iPod full blast really revitalises me. I know lots of people swear by yoga and I suppose this is my miniature version! It's nothing too fancy, I just try to lift and lengthen all my limbs as far as I can and it reduces all the crunchy tension in my bod.

Have you tried these techniques?



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