Beauty Products Worth The Hype

In blog world it can often seem like there's a new hype every week, with new releases and reviews aplenty. I often find that once the initial flurry of excitement has died down, the product is forgotten about, but these are the gems that have stood the test of time for me. 

A copper palette with peach, lemon, lilac, and nude highlighters

Sleek Solstice Palette
I had seen those metallic, almost wet looking highlighters all over Instagram, but never thought they were for me until BubblyBex gifted me this palette, and now I reach for it every time I do full makeup! Not only is it a fantastic highlighting quad that far outweighs its price point, it makes for a great set to use in eye looks.

The palette has peach and lavender powders that are super high shine yet very finely milled, so they meld in with makeup beautifully. There is also a nude cream, and a lemon powder, both of which are a little more subtle but still as lovely.

a purple pan of bronzing powder (left), a bottle of clear topcoat (right)

Benefit Hoola bronzer
How can it be so hard to create the perfect brown powder? I do not know, but Benefit have done it. I truly didn't think that this simple bronzer could be worthy of the rave reviews, until I tried a sample and understood. The light, soft powder really is like a tan in a box. I just wish it was cruelty free!

Once this topcoat goes on, my nails are not coming off until I say so. It really does behave just like gel, only it doesn't require curing with a lamp or hours soaking off. You put it on almost-dry nails and it permeates the polish, drying everything down to a thick, high shine finish very quickly.

Lots of people say it shrinks the nail polish, which I haven't really experienced, but the formula also dries and becomes extremely thick in the bottle. I find that I can only use half before it's pretty much a solid lump. Considering it's £9 that becomes pretty expensive, but it's still much cheaper than salon manicures, and worth every penny.

a tube filled with lilac lipstick and patterned with black and silver designs

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
If there's one product saturating the market, it's liquid lipsticks, but they're just so hit and miss. Some are crusty, some are too creamy, it's a minefield out there. Kat Von D nailed it with her formula, which really flatters the lips, drying to a full matte finish yet somehow making the lips look pillowy plump, and only starting to feel a little tight after 3 hours or so.

I also love the packaging, wand, and shade range. There are lots of beautiful nudes with different undertones, as well as more bold, colourful shades. I have Requiem, a straight up lilac that I surprisingly adore, but I have heard that other shades can be patchy so do try to test in store.

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What's worth the hype for you?



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