Ten Beauty Hacks I Actually Use

1. Raising The Bar
Whether it's Dr Bronner's, Dove, or those naff little bars you get in hotels, bar soap somehow works wonders on beauty sponges. I'd tried every soap under the sun, and even microwaved my sponge, but nothing got the foundations stains out like a visit to the bar.

2. Making Shapes
On brow plucking day, I make things easier by outlining my ideal shape with a creamy nude crayon, but concealer or a white eyeliner will work just as well. It takes the guesswork out of getting those brows on fleek, and stops me from getting too tweezer-happy.

3. Label Love
Your girl does not have Urban Decay kind of dollar, so I labelled my Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette with the shade names from Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette in order to keep up with tutorials easily.

4. Double Duty
This is a trick I use most days to save space in my makeup bag and make my routine that little bit quicker and easier: bronzer as eyeshadow! It goes with any look and just helps to define the eyes in one quick sweep for daytime, or serves as a crease colour to pair with a single eyeshadow.

5. Get Lippy
I have freckles under my eyes, and the darkness in the corners is almost brown, so I find that a swipe of coral lipstick or cream blush can make all the difference when it comes to concealing them. At first I was worried that trying this hack would lead to spots, but I've used it countless times now without a problem.

6. Grease me up
Sometimes I add a drop of face oil to foundation to loosen up the texture, make it dewy, or just help it to sit better on days where my skin isn't playing ball. I will warn you that oil breaks down makeup so your foundation won't last as long, but your skin will be glowing.

7. Brush it off
I smudge my mascara on a daily basis, and always used to try and wipe it off with my finger or a cotton bud, which would leave me with a funny streak. The secret is to let it fully dry, then use a dry spooly to flick it away. The hard bristles work wonders.

8. Winning smile
This craze has hit big, with activated charcoal being added to all sorts of beauty products. Before you could get it already in toothpaste, I bought charcoal tablets to crush up and brush my teeth with, and they really do work to lift surface stains and clean gaps between the teeth. You won't have a Hollywood smile after, but it is a great method to gently brighten.

9. Bad hair clay
Loads of people swear by clay masks to remove excess oil from their skin, and the same applies to hair. I wouldn't do this too often for fear of stripping the scalp and sending the oil into overdrive, but when your barnet is really bad, either use a ready made mask or whipe one up, and apply it in exactly the same way. Just make sure to rinse really well!

10. Wiped out
When I visit the theatre I like to wear heavier makeup (lord knows why, I'm only sat in the dark), and the last thing I want to do when I get home late is double cleanse it all off, so I like to get started in the car. I soak a CloudCloth in micellar water and pop it in a freezer bag, then it's ready to wipe off the majority of my makeup.



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